Feb 23, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

When you want to make things happen, look to the Magician. He knows how to use all the tools at his disposal... to come up with innovative plans no one else would think of. He is a  strong-willed individual that can rise to face any challenge. The Magician, are cards of intellect and mental abilities... a healthy mind is likely far more important to this person than a healthy body.

The Magician tells us that we have the ability to take the power of the Universe and manifest our desires. Those desires may be spiritual, physical, emotional, or mental. Another interpretation of why his hands are in that position is that he's taking the power of the Universe, channelling it through his own body and directing it to the physical plane.

Skill and initiative can be applied to accomplish all goals. Happiness and optimism will indicate a new beginning. Decisions that are made will have positive results. Want to begin something new, to "do, act, or go forward" and are hoping for a miracle in your life or affairs. A situation has been (or soon will be) presented that has all the inherent components to the manifestation of your desires. Take the best from it or move on it, because it is through this that a new potential will emerge.

He can manipulate others for good or bad but if he chooses to do so for ill, he will eventually reap what he has sown. The wise magician will use his skills and talents carefully. This card represents the magic within the soul, the ability of everyone to find the resources within themselves to deal with everyday life. When it turns up in a spread it suggests there is creativity, intelligence, experience or the know-how to cope with whatever lies ahead. This is symbolised on the card by all the tools of the tarot lying on the table in front of the Magician: the Cups, Swords, Wands and Pentacles


Fire Lyte said...

But, isn't it funny that the Magician is the first stop on the Fool's journey? That he is so powerful and able to do so much, but is proceeded by all the secrets of the universe. I wonder what this says about the Magician. Does he cast before he thinks? He can manifest, but can he weigh the consequences? After all he doesn't have the balance of the High Priestess, the transformative abilities of Temperance, or most especially the all-encompassing peace and might of the World.

You should hunt around for the old 5-Minute Tarot with Jax segment that appeared on a few different podcasts. She gives you a wonderful new way to think about the Majors. For instance: the tools on the Magician's table are the items that the fool is carrying in his sack. Thus, the Magician would just be a first step in revelation, but would know nothing else, or, at least, provide no other knowledge to the Fool.

I used to think the Magician meant change, after all he works magic, right? Manifestation might be right, but then again...if these are the items the Fool already owns, perhaps the Magician's message is like that of Glenda the Good Witch. You had the power to fix your situation all along.

But, what do I know!

Love and Lyte,

Fire Lyte

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Sorry that my earlier post sounded so hateful. Don't know what got into me exactly. Just remembering all those sweet kitties who lost their loving home and are who knows where now. But, hearing about Lilo just about broke my heart. I hope someone is taking care of her that is the least of what she deserves. Once again I am sorry.