Apr 10, 2010

Just When I Thought It Was Safe.......

I must warn you, anyone with a serious medical condition should not read this...the laughter could kill you!

Taps Headquarters Flooded for SyFy Ghost Hunters

For it is written:
Mathew 7:24-27 – “Therefore whosoever hearest these sayings of mine,
and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house
upon a rock: (25) And the rain descended, the the floods came, and the
winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell not: for it was founded
upon a rock: (26) And every one that heareth these sayings of mine, and
doeth them not, shall be likened unto a foolish man, which built his house
upon the sand: (27) And the rain descended and the floods came, and the
winds blew, and beat upon that house; and it fell: and great was the fall of it.”
Ghost Hunters is an evil TV show that airs on the SyFy cable channel. On it they teach people how to play with Satanic spirits and Oiuja boards. God does not ordain these things and therefore it is sin in his eyes.
It is no secret that God once flooded the entire Earth for sin. God promised to never destroy the Earth win a flood again, but he said nothing about flooding entire cities until everything is drowned for wickedness.
In 1995 God flooded the Midwest. Cities fell into deep river water because the Midwest betrayed God for voting for Democrat Bill Clinton. God wanted them to repent and in 1996, to vote for a Republican. They refused again and God plagued the Midwest with disease, drought and tough winters.
Now we see Rhode Island is being flooded for hosting Ghost Hunters. Ghost Hunters is a secret Satanic sect known as TAPS (Transatlantic Paranormal Society). You can interchange Society for Satan in that acronym, because that is what this show represents.
God has grown tired of how this show is opening portals to hell and playing with those spirits. It is not right or moral and is evil.
Rhode Island will continue to gasp for air as its lungs fill with raw rainwater. The citizens will fill their airways clog and not be able to breathe but to yelp out for help and mercy for God. I pray if they don’t cancel Ghost Hunters soon, their pleas fall on death ears and they suffocate under the sulfurous fumes of hell for what they do!

Warwick Rhode Island Gets Flooded For Sin, TAPS (Ghost Hunters Tv) To Blame

March 31, 2010 by Abe
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Wrathful floodwaters destroy the town of Warwick, Rhode Island, where pro-witch/ghost tv show Ghost Hunters (TAPS) is headquartered.
God has once again opted to flex his power, this time by flooding the state of Rhode Island for ghost hunt sins.
Rhode Island used to be a place that made God proud. They used to help expose demon-possessed witches by burning them at the stake and drowning them to see if they float. They called these noble acts the Salem witch trials.
These trials alone saved scores of children from getting possessed by Satan and his witches. For hundreds of years demons were too scared to step foot in Rhode Island to possess the innocent, for they knew a mob of Christian would find them and send them straight back to hell.
But now all that has changed, because Rhode Island hosts the headquarters for a little Satan inspired show called The Ghost Hunters. What they do on this show is, go to buildings all around the world and tap into voodoo spirits and Ouji boards.
They say chants and speak with the demon souls of the dead, those bound to hell and trying to hide out from God’s judgment in the afterlife. You would think with a name like “Ghost Hunters” these people would be trying to exorcise demon spirits, but no, they try to make friends with them and then turn a profit at their hands.
The Ghost Hunters headquarters is in Rhode Island, as you can see we have mapped via our satellites.
Ghost Hunters.
Ghost Hunters takes its origins with two plumbers, Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson. They work for Roto-rooters plumbing and belong to a secret druid sect named the Transatlantic Paranormal Society.
Each week these two tap deep into the sewage systems of hell by communicating with Satanic spirits. They try to cross the forbidden line between the spiritual world and the natural without it being ordained by God. Neither one of these men is a priest or pastor and they have no such business communicating with demons.
Since airing in 2004, Ghost Hunters has spawned off two splinter groups, the Ghost Hunters International and the Ghost Hunters Academy, where they recruit children to do Satanic things like demon summoning rituals.
I wish I could see the stats, because I bet since this show aired there has been at least a 12% increase in “mysterious” and “unexplained” deaths, which is just the product of people trying to do ghost hunting in their own homes and getting killed once they invite Satan in with wicked seances.
It is so sad to see that God has had to punish Rhode Island for allowing Ghost Hunters to headquarter and air in its state. Long gone are the holy days of witch hunts and now we will probably see witches and such feeling bold there too. Satan has a stronghold in Rhode Island and God has reminded everyone in that state that he can wash them right off the map and into hell if they do not knock it off.
Look at these headlines God has caused because he does not like any of the Ghost Hunters shows, be it Ghost Hunters, International or Academy:
Ghost Hunters is a sin-laced show with a tired plot where they trick people into thinking Ghost Hunting is cool with promises of “did you hear that?” and “Hey Tango, take a listen” as they listen to hours of droll tape. Then they claim to hear Satan voices and footsteps, the same thing every week.
God grows tired of the tired plot of this show and their sully promises, and he’s also growing tired of Satan’s parlor tricks to get people to do Ouija. Let us hope and pray Rhode Island takes heed and bans these pitiful plumbers out of their state before it is too late.

Here is the link to the original web page chrisTwire.org


Stella Seaspirit said...

wow, the extent of this kind of brainwashing is frightening! How terrible it must be to live in that state of fear perpetually. I've watched a New Zealand series of Ghost Hunters and last time I checked, Wellington and Dunedin were still there...

Wendilea said...

It's funny how some people love to hate, especially the delusional one's who claim to know God's intentions.

Skye said...

This both made me laugh and fear for myself.

I mean, I live in a very small town in the bible belt. And it's just starting to get around about my beliefs.

Thanks for sharing.


onepinkfish said...

At first, I thought this was your opinion and couldn't understand why. Then, I went back and reread the disclaimer at the beginning. Thanks for the post. I needed a good laugh.

LilithsPriest said...

Wow, Salem was in Rhode Island? And they burned witches at the stake?

Maybe those "facts" came from some of those "conservative" textbooks that Texas wants to use.