Jul 11, 2011

Deck Review- The Vanessa Tarot

The Vanessa Tarot by Lynard Narciso and published by US Games, is a totally fun and modern deck full of sassy ladies and up to date themes. The Vanessa Tarot has taken it's influences from several areas including pop culture, female role models from both the large and small screen as well as heroines from comic book genres.

This 78 card deck is just the perfect size at 2" x 3.5" and easily fits into smaller hands and makes shuffling a breeze. The card backs are purple with pale colored pinstripes and blue stars making it able to be read upright or reversed. The lamination is glossy and appealing, making the fabulous imagery truly unique and is not too "slickery" that it's difficult to keep a hold of the cards. It comes with the standard LWB (little white book) of meanings and comes in a terrific keepsake tin in which to store all the cards.

The Major Arcana follows the Rider Waite tradition but with more modern, fresh scenes such as the Star which pictures a bathing beauty in a lovely purple bikini, frolicking in the water with her pail and shovel and the Hierophant as a sassy school teacher sitting on her desk as she instructs her class and the Wheel of Fortune, which I absolutely love, showing a finely dressed game show hostess standing in front of the traditional Wheel image.

The Minor Arcana, also follows the Rider Waite tradition and continues the fresh upbeat theme of this deck with cards such as the Eight of Wands picturing a witchy clad woman on a broom like the image we all grew up with of Elizabeth Montgomery in the t.v. series Bewitched as well as the Seven of wands with it's She Ra image, holding off six Wands from below.

This is a truly great deck and brings a fresh approach to the standard images many of us are used to but that's what makes it such a fun deck to work with. It's easy to connect with this deck and it's wonderful ideas and would make an excellent deck for both new and experienced, young and older readers.

Publisher: US Games Systems
Creator: Lynard Narciso
ISBN: 1-57281-574-4

images used with permission from US Games

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Tarot Elements said...

Fab review, Lizzie! I've been eyeing up this deck for a while and wondering whether I should take the plunge... seems I have no choice now ;)