Jun 6, 2011

Deck Review- The Connolly Tarot

The Connolly Tarot, created by mom Eileen Connolly and illustrated by son Peter Paul Connolly is a wonderful visually pleasing deck, reminiscent of medieval stained glass often associated with majestic cathedrals found all over Europe. 

Peter Connolly has created stunning imagery using colored pencils and rich colors, making this a truly stunning deck. The images follow the Rider Waite symbolism and are easy to follow, making it a great deck for beginners and intermediate readers and  has a great positive feel to it. The cards are laminated lightly and the design on the backs make it able to be read upright or reversed.

Although following the Rider Waite symbolism, the Major Arcana does have a few minor differences like card number 13 titled Death in most decks has been softened and renamed Transition reflecting transformation and the change of life's path and card 15 normally titled the Devil, renamed Materialism which reflects that perhaps the tools of life have been abused.

The Minor Arcana are just as beautiful and detailed as the Majors and each have Roman numerals at the top of each card. There are a lot of chubby little cherubs in this deck and adds a sense of charm and spirituality that runs through both Major and Minor Arcana. I just love the colors, they are striking and the symbolism is gentle and easy to interpret. This would be a great deck for any collection.

Publisher: US Games Systems
Creators: Eileen Connolly and Peter Paul Connolly
ISBN: 0-88079-437-2

Images used with permission from US Games

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