Sep 20, 2011

Book Review- Tarot, Birth Cards and You

There is a fantastic new book out by Bonnie Cehovet, "Tarot, Birth Cards and You..Keys To Empowering Yourself" and I had the honor of being able to review this amazing book. The title says, Empowering but what does empowering really mean? Well, empowerment comes from within yourself. It results in self-reliance which embodies assuming responsibility, making your own decisions, desiring to be informed/understand and knowing where you are heading. 

It's the coming to a realization that something must change and in Bonnie's book, all the information that you need are right at your fingertips, using the archetypes of the 22 Major Arcana to guide you in understanding the path that you walk in this lifetime and to reach your full potential.

The way in which you figure out your Birth Cards is quite simple, using a system developed by The Tarot School, all you need to start with is the month, date and year that you were born. To illustrate this I will use my birth date in order to give you an idea of just how this is done. February 1st, 1966 which is then written like this:

8+8= 16

The number is then used to figure out which Major Arcana cards are your birth cards, in this case mine are The Tower (16) and Chariot (6+1=7). All together, there are eleven Birth Card pairs and a one Birth Card trio, that each come with their own challenges as well as gifts. 

This is where Bonnie's brilliance begins to shine, each pair is described in a way that is not only easy to understand but enlightening as well as quite useful to better understand not only ourselves but those around us and can even be used to bring clarification for clients we may work with during a tarot reading.

As I have mentioned, my Birth Card pair of the Tower and Chariot (as with all described in this book) start with astrological information, keywords, theme, how such a combination empowers an individual and is followed by questions for that given card, absolutely transformative affirmations, journeying exercises and summary. At the end of each pair is a terrific segment about working with gifts, abilities and challenges that really defines areas that our Birth Cards can help us in our daily life and long term goal planning.

The true power of Tarot archetypes and the use of Birth Cards rests in their ability to intuitively see deeply into our lives and find new meaning. They can shed new light on many of the issues that challenge us including some things that we may not even be consciously aware of. Once these issues are brought to our attention and are properly understood, we can then seek ways to address them.

Did you know that using affirmations for a twenty two day period ( the length of time it takes to become part of our lives) can begin to heal us on all levels? They do this by opening us up to new ways of thinking and new possibilities. What an absolutely beautiful thought, that life as I know it can become richer, fuller and all those negative things I have a tendency to tell myself can be overcome...I can take all that Chariot and Tower energy and use it to guide my life, to direct how I approach and handle situations!

I could absolutely go on for days about how this information can truly transform how we see ourselves and our roles in the world! There is just so much information in this book, it is an excellent addition to one's "tarot toolkit" for personal enrichment, understanding and goal setting to reach one's full potential. This really is a "must have" book in your tarot book collection!

Publisher: Schiffer Books 
Author: Bonnie Cehovet 
ISBN: 9780764339028


Bonnie Cehovet said...

Thank you for an incredible review! May each person who works with this book find what they are meant to find! :)


Anna said...

sounds like a must read for me :-) thanks!