Sep 28, 2011

Lizzie's Moon Spread

The Moon has always held a place of particular fascination in our lives, provoking the imagination to escape its limits and, as we look outwards, moving us towards an understanding of our inner selves. Monuments and shrines have been built to her; calendars follow her motion; ancient Gods and Goddesses mimic the Moon's gentle and unending pull on the forces of life and, as Carl Jung has described, brings us back in touch with subconscious selves. 

In the universal language of the mind, the Moon represents awareness in the subconscious mind. It tells that there is something in a person's life which isn't as clear-cut as they might think. Since most of our feelings and behavior is controlled by the subconscious, it makes sense that, in order to make positive changes in our lives, we have to work on this subconscious aspect of ourselves 

Although powerful, intelligent and vast, our subconscious is the feminine aspect of our mind. It is submissive to the command of our conscious, logical mind. Our conscious mind or logical mind, is the decision maker. But too often we go around in life confused because we are influenced by the limitations reported to us by our conscious or logical mind. We become reliant on facts. The subconscious mind has a wealth of information but the problem is how to get at that information. 

I pondered and pondered both the conscious and subconscious mind for quite some time and then it came to me...How about a  Tarot spread that incorporates information on both aspects of myself, how can I get these vastly different parts of my mind to work together and what messages may be gleaned from doing so...and I came up with what I'm calling Lizzie's Moon Spread using the Moon as a significator.


card 2   card 3
                                    card 1                   card 4

1.) How are my subconscious mind and logical mind communicating right now? 

2.) What is my subconscious mind trying to tell me?

3.) What is logical mind trying to tell me? 

4.) How do I better integrate my logical mind and my subconscious mind?

First, go through your deck and pull out the Moon card and place it at the top, then shuffle the rest of your deck, cut and lay out four cards as shown above.

Imagine the Moon, shining down upon the four cards...How does the subconscious  mind influence the cards that you've drawn? Are there drastic differences in how your logical mind and subconscious mind work? How might you integrate these two parts of yourself? Why not give it a go and see what you can discover. I would love to hear your comments and suggestions!

The Moon card pictured above is from the beautiful Golden Tarot by Kat Black


Johanne said...

I tried it this morning, Liz, and I loved it!
I really liked seeing the relationship between the rational, conscious mind, and the unconscious, irrational psyche.
Thanks for sharing!

Stella Seaspirit said...
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