Oct 19, 2010

Deck Review- Decks For Youth

There's a great deck for youths and beginners today, it's called the Tell Me Tarot. The Tell Me Tarot, the creation of Arik Eyal and Nir Cassuto and even says on the box, all you need to do is “Ask a question; Choose a card; Receive an answer!”
This deck is made up of 78, nicely laminated, Rider Waite style cards approximately 2.75" x 4.75" but does not come with the traditional LWB (little White Book) because the meanings are printed on every card however there are four cards that briefly explain a few spreads and different ways to use the cards.  Each card also has keywords and a  + or  - symbol that lets you know if the answer is a positive on or a negative one and if there is no symbol, the answer may vary.
Some examples of these cards are:

The Tower = Positive Changes (+): Unexpected breakup or destruction is required to release you from old chains and promote your growth.
Ten of Pentacles = Success (+): Happiness, wealth and joy are inherent and long lasting. Good family life. Success in reference to your question.
Nine of Wands = Standby (-) You have many past achievements. Now you feel confused and stuck. Proceeding with allow more success.
Eight of Swords = Chains (-) You are restricted by your own realistic, negative thoughts. Positive thinking will release you.

The first card I always look for in a deck is the moon and in this deck the keyword is "Vagueness" with a little - sign and the meaning of "You have difficulty seeing reality as it is. Re-examine the situation, as your inner fears aren't realistic. The picture shows a crescent moon overhead with grass parted down the middle and the traditional crayfish by water, the picture itself is simplified a bit for the beginner but evokes the feel of the card along with it's keyword and definition. Sadly my scanner was not cooperating today so I could only scan a few cards, I apologize!
 This is a great deck for youth or someone just beginning to read the Tarot and would make an excellent gift for any occasion. The Tell Me Tarot is simple and straight forward an an excellent introduction into this wonderful art.

US Games Systems
ISBN: 978-1-57281-631-2
Author: Arik Eyal
Artist: Nir Cassuto

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Witchy Godmother said...

That is a really great way of introducing the tarot to the younger set. I like how it gives the meanings so clearly. Thank you for showing it. - Hugs and sparkles - WG