Oct 28, 2010

Oak Tree Spells

Oak Leaf Protection Spell

While burning a fire, take an oak leaf and using a twig with a burnt end write the name of
that which you wish to protect. Think of the oak tree from which the leaf came from
sending out protection vibes into the earth by means of it’s roots to protect that which you
wrote. Place the leaf in the fire to allow the energy to also be released into the air.

Protection Charm Blessing 
During the full moon or whatever time you think may be best take the charm and hang it
from the branches of an oak tree. The tree will help in charging and blessing it for

To feel strong or gain courage 
Place your hands on the bark of an oak tree. Ask the tree to aid you in making you as strong as him/her. Visualize the tree lending you courage and strength. Say allowed: “This tree takes no breaks from the beating winds

"This tree takes no breaks from the hard rains
This tree takes no breaks from the dry droughts
This tree takes no breaks from the harsh weathers
As the tree stands strong during the storm so do I
So mote it be!”

To release anger or sadness 
Talking to an oak tree can bring a great peace to anyone who tries it. Oak trees have been
known as great trees of wisdom and while it may seem silly the tree will listen and help
you to rid yourself of unwanted emotions.

Tree Meditation 
Sit on the ground with your back against the tree. Close your eyes and connect yourself with the earth. You should be able to feel the tree you lean on in a new way. You should be able to feel it’s roots sinking into the depths of the earth and the branches and leaves reaching for the blue sky. Now focus only on the tree. Merge yourself with the tree. Feel yourself sinking into the tree where you back was leaning on it. You are now inside the tree and no longer just sitting beside it. Reach out with your mind and “touch” the tree; feel what it feels and see what it see

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