Oct 29, 2012

Deck Review- Dreaming Way Tarot

There is a wonderful new deck out from U.S. Games called "Dreaming Way Tarot" a lush deck of 78 cards, chock full of cheery images, adorable characters and just the right amount of whimsy to enchant almost any reader. This special tarot deck came about in the most interesting way...The author, Rome Choi had seen that many people were checking out all things Tarot on the internet (which was just hitting it big in the world) and upon impulse joined a small tarot group in order to learn more about this subject called "Tarot" and thus began the start of a beautiful relationship with the cards that we all love.

I absolutely love the card stock, it's sturdy yet flexible enough to use as an every day deck and the shiny finish lends a wonderful glow to the deck's imagery. I've been working with the Dreaming Way Tarot since I received it and all my clients that have looked at it's images remark how they like the coloring and simple presentation which is a big draw to those that prefer a good, easy to read, non "busy" decks.

The LWB (little white book) written by Choi, explains each card's meaning and divinitory aspects in plain, easy to grasp language and gives upright and reversed interpretations. Numerological associations are also covered in the LWB and I like the fresh meanings of the cards as it's always nice to see a creator's associations that sometimes I can add to my collection of my own interpretations.

I was exceptionally struck by the artistry, by Kwon Shina, in how she uses both lush coloring, almost from an earthy palate as well as interesting contrasting shapes and patterns. I love her style so I contacted my wonderful and incredibly amazing friend Lynn at U.S.Games to ask more info on Kwon's style since it was so lovely to look at and this is how she explains her process...

"I start by determinedly sketching on Whatman paper. Then, mark the sketch line with color ink and color the inside with poster paint. I'm using poster paint mixed with water for it has similar effect to water colors yet more vivid. After the coloring process, I scan the source and compensate color by Photoshop program. If the background is too boring, I mix the background with other sources prepared to invigorate the overall mood."

I would definitely recommend this deck for both beginners and professionals alike because it does follow the Rider Waite style  imagery and therefore makes a wonderful deck for those that prefer a Rider Waite style. I, however,  do apologize for the images lacking borders and titles but my scanner didn't seem to like all the white borders and so the image itself came out but not with the lovely white borders and titles.

Publisher: U.S. Games
Author: Rome Choi
Artist: Kwon Shina
Size 2-3/4" x 4-3/4"

Images used with permission from U.S. Games