Tarot Organizations

Aeclectic Tarot Forum- Aeclectic Tarot Forum community, a group of Tarot students, collectors, readers and enthusiasts who enjoy discussing all aspects of Tarot.dedicated to the diversity and beauty of Tarot cards since 1996. See thousands of different tarot decks, learn the 78 tarot card meanings, get a free reading, and much more.

The Tarot Guild-The Tarot Guild is an organization for Tarot Enthusiasts, Students, Artists, Authors, Teachers, Meetup Organizers and Tarot Professionals. Our Tarot Portal exists to provide a central location for Education, Resources and Professional Services, as well as a place for connecting and community. Through the Guild site, Tarot Today radio show and social-media presences (e.g. Twitter and Facebook), our goal is to keep you informed about the latest Tarot News and Information.

TABI Tarot- TABI is a not-for-profit association run by unpaid volunteers with a passion for Tarot and the esoteric. We were formed in 2001 to provide support, information and resources for Tarot enthusiasts of all levels. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced reader, you are welcome at TABI. All tarotists are welcome to join TABI, regardless of where in the world you are.

American Tarot AssociationThe American Tarot Association is a professional and social organization for Tarot enthusiasts, students, scholars, and readers. We promote the study and appreciation of Tarot by supporting a variety of educational programs. We require a high level of ethics in Tarot readings by asking our members to agree to our published code of ethics. Please feel free to contact any of our Board members with any comments, questions or concerns.


Tarot Elements- A fantastic resource for learning, reviews of the latest decks and books on the market as well as insightful and inspiring tarot articles.  A must see website!

Bonnie Cehovet- Bonnie Cehovet is a Certified Tarot Grand Master, a professional Tarot reader with over twelve years experience, a Reiki Master/Teacher and a writer. Wonderful reviews and information!

The Tarot Connection.The Tarot Podcast dedicated to the traditional, historic and modern Tarot. The Tarot Connection is a boutique publisher of tarot decks, books, courses, audio, and Web content located in Portland Oregon. Our primary goal is to identify and promote the innovative and provocative works of authors and artists in the Tarot Community.

Janet A fantastic place to sign up for classes booking a reading and tons of information, a must see website!

US Games Systems Fool Stop Blog- This is the place to go to find out about fantastic new tarot decks and terrific contests and general all around fun!

Tarot Related Goodies

Blackford Cottage Tarot Bags- Leslie has a terrific selection of wonderful tarot bags and the majority of her tarot bags are made from 100% cotton, padded, and cotton lined with double satin cord drawstrings, and...they are affordable! If you don't see exactly what you want, she's always happy to take special orders. A MUST see website!