Oct 21, 2011

Deck Review- Tokens Of Light

Although the Tokens of Light are not a deck of cards per se, these little gems by Orna Ben-Shoshan still have the unique ability to shed light on our day to day affairs and give us valuable insights into life using  66 "paths" that enable us to navigate life's sometimes turbulent waters.

According to the Kabbalah, the 22  letters of the Hebrew alphabet are considered as channels through which the Divine Abundance flows through the universe. Each  circular Token has it's very own unique spiritual and energetic attributes and represent the process of creation from beginning to end, and therefore correspond to events and flow of our every day lives. 

When these Tokens were being created, three different aspects were chosen to compose a system of 66 definitions, giving the reader insightful guidance to help understand the forces that affect different situations in their lives. Each Token has whimsical but yet beautiful imagery on one side and on the other, a number and Hebrew letter with what that letter stands for in Hebrew and translated into English as well so that it serves as both keyword and an "understanding." 

There is a fantastic 86 page interpretation booklet that comes with the Tokens of Light as well as a gorgeous silver leaf designed bag in which to hold your Tokens and it can be used as a means of shuffling them  too. Now, you may be thinking just how accurate are the Tokens of Light and after working with them for a few weeks now, I have found that they are surprisingly relevant to the questions or situations I have inquired of them. 

As an added bonus, this system also includes two amulet coins that are not to be included in readings, but are to carry with you. One represents a blessing for protection and fulfillment and the other that brings balance and success to all areas of an individual's life, what a fantastic, uplifting affirmation is that?

In the interpretation booklet, several "spreads" or ways to use these Tokens are presented but I've found that simply pulling them out of the bag and laying down three or four tokens is quite enlightening and informative. The artwork is stunning and The Tokens of Light were a real joy to work with. I highly recommend  them to anyone wanting a more unique form of insight or divination... Anyone would truly benefit from this amazing set of cards. 

Publisher:Kabbalah Insights
Artist: Orna Ben-Shoshan

Oct 17, 2011

Occupy Wall Street- My Three Card Draw

For the past four weeks it's been pretty difficult not to notice what has been happening in our country, it's been in the television news,  on the internet and in newspapers about the Occupy Wall Street protests. It now has spread to as many as 84 countries around the world... people are tired and I don't blame them.  I sat watching reports on MSNBC this morning and I wondered,  what does Tarot have to say to us about the situation that we find ourselves in? So I layed down three cards... SituationObstacle and Outcome.

For the Situation,  I drew the King of Coins reversed, now the King of Coins normally indicates abundance and success but when he appears reversed he often signifies  a disproportionate interest in material things and a tendency to indulge in excess. Materialism and excess has been a defining factor of the American way of life for a very long time.  It is an attitude that paints the American picture... It has  given a perception of wealth and prosperity, however it is more often than not, a shallow example  of reality. The possession of things does not equate to financially stability and as we are all finding out that materialism, excess, big business, lack of jobs and other countless issues has led to the unrest we see today.

The Obstacle card is the Page of Wands. Now the Page of Wands reversed as an obstacle card indicates to me that the protesters and their cause must walk a very fine line, they must not appear to be  using their strength of numbers and fiery motivation to bully or intimidate the powers that be... steer clear of petty arguments and minor scuffles.  So far protests against Wall Street and big business, with the exception of a handful of folks, has been peaceful and non violent.  If they want their message to be heard loud and clear, they  should avoid indecision and the instability which accompanies it by  declaring a firm objective and  clear mission statements.  Become a united front,  speak with united voices,  they may need to repeat the message  many times but they should remain firm in what is being said.

Now, as far as a possible Outcome,  I drew the Two of Wands. This is a wonderful card to have in the outcome position,  the Two of Wands takes the spark of inspiration from the Ace  and matures it into an actual path forward,  it's about stepping out of your comfort zone and exhibiting great courage. As we have seen, thousands have joined the Occupy Wall Street movement and it seems to me that the longer these protests go on, the better chance we as a nation have,  to realize this opportunity to make our country and even the world a much better place.  We should all begin to consider our longer-term goals and aspirations and plan ahead for what we will all need to do to achieve such goals as job creation, gay rights, the various forms of oppression,  equal status of ALL people... not just a select few and we must  demonstrate our patience and focus of  intent. Let us all work towards these goals no matter who we are or where we come from.

Deck Review- Tea Leaf Fortune Cards

The art of Tea Leaf Reading is referred to as Tasseomancy. Tea has been around for some 5,000 years so it may be that people were reading tea leaves as far back as that. The reader picks up the cup and reads the patterns formed by the tea leaves. Usually the best tea leaf reading will come from readers who also have natural artistic skills but since most of us are not trained as such, there is a wonderful new deck that takes the guess work out of  tea leaf reading.

I'd like to introduce The Tea Leaf Fortune Cards by Rae Hepburn and published By US Games. Rae Hepburn has studied tea leaf reading for more than thirty years and with these fabulous cards we can reap the benefits of readings without all the hassle of learning volumes of information.

The Tea Leaf Fortune Cards are 200 lovely round cards  (12 Month of the year cards, 6 Astral House cards and 186 Tea Leaf cards) with amazingly appealing artwork that makes reading with them loads of fun, I love the round shape and I've found that shuffling them is actually quite easy. There are a couple different ways that they can be shuffled, by placing them all on a flat surface and mixing them up with your hands or, as I have found, stacking the wonderful little spheres in several small stacks and shuffling as you might do with a regular card deck, making sure to shuffle all the stacks evenly.

This deck and book set also comes with a gorgeous golden bag that you can use to store your cards in and even shake them as a method of shuffling as well. The accompanying 94 page instruction book is a wonderful resource with the history of Tasseomancy, the development of the Tea Leaf Fortune Cards, traditional reading methods, several spreads that you can use with these cards and an alphabetical listing of all 200 cards with an interpretation of each.

I had a really great time shuffling and reading with these cards and I'm simply amazed at just how accurately they read! This is a great deck for anyone who wishes to dip their toes into tea leaf reading and this form of geomancy. This is one deck that would be a wonderful addition to anyone's collection!