Aug 31, 2010

Deck Review- Sun and Moon Tarot

I recently had the privilege of reviewing a marvelous new deck published by US Games Systems called the "Sun and Moon Tarot" by Vanessa Decort. This is a wonderful deck with fantastic little characters that are so whimsical and expressive.

This 78 card deck comes with

Aug 30, 2010

Gardening Tips

Many people consider fertilizer to be a vital factor in the equation to successful gardening. There's no doubt that

Aug 29, 2010

Serenity Sunday

Gratitude Spell

Gratitude will get you everything. To make use of this kind of magic, set your altar with a suitable incense such as frankincense or myrrh, as well as a safe incense burner and a lighter. Light the incense and smell the sweet smoke, then say:

Lord and Lady, I give thanks
For Sun that warms and wind that sings.
You have given me so much,
Now I give thanks for all these things.

Spend as much time as it takes to count your blessings, and speak what you appreciate about each blessing. Thank your divine patrons as you would thank a family member for a perfect birthday gift. Ask for nothing.

Llewellyn Spell a Day

My List:

1.) My family

2.) My animals

3.) Great friends

4.) Tarot and Oracle decks to review (thank you US Games!)

5.) School starts soon (Yay!)

6.) Soft green grass under my feet

7.) Quiet time

8.) Cat toys

9.) Contentment

10.) My struggles and triumphs (they have made me who I am today)

Aug 25, 2010

Time Off

I'm going to be taking the next few days off to rest and recuperate, I'm feeling much better but a break would be heavenly too. In the next few weeks I have some really cool posts planned...I'm going to be reviewing The Sun and Moon Tarot as well as Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck and I recently won a Konxari deck in which I will be sharing a few of the readings I've had with it, I gotta tell you this deck is a really neat deck to use!
In September, I have a book review that I'll be posting on a book called "Muhammad" by Deepak Chopra which chronicles the life of the prophet with a fresh new perspective. I will be back on Sunday with my regular "Serenity Sunday" post. Until we meet again, Bright Blessings!

Aug 24, 2010

Tarot Tuesday

The Hanged Man is traditionally suspended between two upright poles but in The Deviant Moon Tarot, we see a gentleman who is suspended from one pole by a rope tied around his ankle and the other leg bent, holding his arms behind his back. Did you notice that there is a pocket watch dangling from his bent leg? We have seen this before in the Four of Pentacles, indicating once again, there is a time issue present.

In the Rider-Waite tarot, the Hanged Man represents the hope and fear of a different more challenging path, re-examining your priorities and establishing if they conform to the spiritual principals you choose to live by. Sometimes, The Hanged Man indicates that a lesson that needs to be learned and symbolizes the revelation that life is different depending on whichever way you choose to look at it.

Keywords for the Hanged Man are sacrifice, letting go, surrendering, passivity, suspension, contemplation, non action and waiting. In the Deviant Moon's Hanged Man however, the pocket watch seems to dangle from the very edge of his boot reminding him that opportunities are being missed, valuable time is wasting away and stands as a reminder us that contemplation and non action can have it's consequences...if we become too apathetic, waiting and becoming passive, life will surely pass us by.

Aug 23, 2010

Tarot In History

How did tarot come about you may ask, well that is an interesting question...let’s take a look. Researchers have tried for years to pinpoint the true origin of the Tarot and many are still in disagreement as to who

Aug 22, 2010

Serenity Sunday

~ I woke up early today, excited over all I get to do before the clock strikes midnight. I have responsibilities to fulfill today. I am important. My job is to choose what kind of day I am going to have.

~ Today I can complain because the weather is rainy or I can be thankful that the grass is getting watered for free.

~ Today I can feel sad that I don't have more money or I can be glad that my finances encourage me to plan my purchases wisely and guide me away from waste.

~ Today I can grumble about my health or I can rejoice that I am alive.

~ Today I can lament over all that my parents didn't give me when I was growing up or I can feel grateful that they allowed me to be born.

~ Today I can cry because roses have thorns or I can celebrate that thorns have roses.

~ Today I can mourn my lack of friends or I can excitedly embark upon a quest to discover new relationships.

~ Today I can whine because I have to go to work or I can shout for joy because I have a job to do.

~ Today I can complain because I have to go to school or eagerly open my mind and fill it with rich new tidbits of knowledge.

~ Today I can murmur dejectedly because I have to do housework or I can feel honored because the Universe has provided shelter for my mind, body and soul.

~ Today stretches ahead of me, waiting to be shaped. And here I am, the sculptor who gets to do the shaping.

~ What today will be like is up to me. I get to choose what kind of day I will have!

Have a GREAT DAY! 

My List:

1.) My family

2.) My pets

3.) Terrific friends

4.) Sunshine

5.) Artwork on my fridge

6.) Breathing through my nose...finally!

7.) Reviewing great tarot decks and books

8.) Homemade lasagna

9.) Going to the local creek on a hot day

10.) Watching my children learn new things

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Aug 21, 2010


I would like to say a hearty thank you to all for your well wishes. My surgery went well and I'm not feeling all that bad. It's going to take just a few days of recovery and I'll be good as new! I'll be back tomorrow with Serenity Sunday and my gratitude list as always. Thank you again everyone and Bright Blessings!

Aug 19, 2010

Gardening Idea Of The Week

Container gardening is the city dweller's answer to the big backyard garden of yesteryear. You may not have a half acre to plant in flowers and vegetables, but you can get just about the same effect by growing plants in pots. Containers come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials. What you choose will depend upon the type of plant and the location. A bonsai, for example, usually will be grown in a small container that won't allow a large expanse of roots to develop. A regular tree in a planter along the street will need a large container to allow for development of a larger root system.

You also can use planter boxes of varying sizes to grow vegetables and flowers on balconies and patios. Or fill an old discarded wheelbarrow with soil, poke drain holes in the bottom and use to grow geraniums and cascading petunias.As you think about the size of the container, consider that when filled with moist soil, weight can be a major factor. If you are planning on a large container, mount it on casters so it can be moved easily.

Beware of decorative planters that lack drainage holes. This creates water-logged soil and rotting roots. Research shows that the old practice of placing a layer of gravel in the bottom of the container, to give some room for water to accumulate without saturating the soil, doesn't really work. If you want to use a decorative planter that doesn't have a drain hole, put your plants in a regular flower pot and place it inside the decorative container.

If you build a planter from wood, use a wood that won't rot. Or, line the planter with a water-resistant material. You can use CCA-treated wood or a natural rot-resistant wood, such as redwood. Don't use any wood that has been treated with Penta or Creosote. These materials are toxic to plants. Penta and Creosote no longer are available to the public, but some wood treated with these materials is still around.

Soil to be used in containers should contain plenty of organic matter. A heavy clay soil will hold too much water and will exclude oxygen that roots need for growth. A good brand of potting soil should work well. Fill the container about four-fifths full of the soil mix. When you water the mix, it will settle and you will have enough room between the top of the container and the top of the soil for adequate water to be poured in each time you water the plants.

Because the volume of soil in the container usually is not great, you may need to water every few days. Factors influencing the time between waterings include size of plant within the container, volume of soil to store the water, porosity of the soil mix and porosity of the container. A large plant in a small container will require watering every few days, or maybe every day in sunny, hot, windy weather. Porous containers, such as unglazed clay pots, will let the soil dry out much faster than a container with a sealed outer surface. A sandy soil mix will not hold as much water as a heavier clay type of mix.

The possibilities for container gardening are endless. Apartment dwellers can grow vegetables in containers on balconies. Varieties have been developed specifically for container use. Yellow Canary tomato is a compact 6-inch plant that is designed for growing in pots. Red Robin and Goldie tomatoes work well in hanging baskets. Watermelon plants that grow 3 to 5 feet across, can produce 12 to 14-pound watermelons.

Because the volume of soil in the container usually is not great, you may need to water every few days. Just remember the factors influencing the time between waterings include size of plant within the container, volume of soil to store the water, porosity of the soil mix and porosity of the container. A large plant in a small container will require watering every few days, or maybe every day in sunny, hot, windy weather. Porous containers, such as unglazed clay pots, will let the soil dry out much faster than a container with a sealed outer surface. A sandy soil mix will not hold as much water as a heavier clay type of mix.

The possibilities for container gardening are endless. Apartment dwellers can grow vegetables in containers on balconies. Varieties have been developed specifically for container use. Yellow Canary tomato is a compact 6-inch plant that is designed for growing in pots. Red Robin and Goldie tomatoes work well in hanging baskets. Watermelon plants that grow 3 to 5 feet across, can produce 12 to 14-pound watermelons.

Many folks like to grow tropical plants, such as citrus trees or dwarf bananas, in containers. Because of our short growing season, these can be planted in large containers that can be rolled around. If you have a large south-facing window, place them in front of that window in the winter when the sun is low in the south. Then move them outdoors in the summer. You will not corner the market on citrus fruit production, but a lot of people get a fair amount of production growing this way.

Aug 18, 2010

"What Is...?" Wednesday

A stela is a tall, narrow slab made of stone or wood, usually inscribed or carved in relief with names, laws, pictures, designs, or dedications for the dead. They were used throughout Ancient Egypt, the Near East, Greece, and even

Aug 17, 2010

Tarot Tuesday-The Fool And The Court Jester

"Jesters do oft prove prophets." (V, iii, l. 73) King Lear

Designated as card 0, the Fool lies at the beginning of the Major Arcana, but also somewhat apart from the other cards. The Fool is the card of infinite possibilities. He has all he needs to do, or be anything he wants. He is

Aug 16, 2010

The Deviant Moon Tarot- The Ace Of Pentacles

The Ace of Pentacles indicates great wealth and happiness. The happiness may be the culmination of something long desired but does not necessarily have a monetary value...some of the most wonderful gifts of life are not bought The Ace of Pentacles represents the seeds of the Pentacle suit, fresh energy and inspiration. In this case, the Pentacles are equal to the alchemical element of earth and therefore symbolize the material world and things associated with matter and the body.

In this card we see a Dragon grasping a Pentacle that appears to contain the Universe. Dragons are creatures that symbolize pure perfection and of being in harmony with both the material world and the spiritual realm.The conclusion of your progress is near, you need only to travel a short distance further and you can actually have a glimpse of what lies ahead. The Aces are all about a new start and this one as a Ace-Pentacle indicates that you need only undertake the work and do it joyfully and be confident about it.

The reversed Ace of Pentacles can indicate that you are worrying too much about money. We all need to pay attention to our finances but to be overly concerned can steal our capacity for happiness in the present moment. Count your blessings... do what you can and leave the rest to the Universe. In spiritual issues, the reversed Ace of Pentacles is a signal that you may benefit greatly from increased contact with people who are on a spiritual path.

Whether that's a path that's very similar to your own or whether you wish to learn more about very different ways of looking at things is up to you. The point is to go out into the world, and learn more about what others are saying, thinking and experiencing.

In health concerns, you don't have to spend a fortune to get and stay healthy. Simple things help support your health and many things are under your direct control, such as thinking positively, eating well, resting, getting exercise, and so on. Start small. Live one day at a time.

Aug 15, 2010

Serenity Sunday

The Hutzuls (Ukrainians who live in the Carpathian Mountains of Western Ukraine) believe that the fate of the world depends upon the pysanka. As long as the egg decorating custom continues, the world will exist. If, for any reason

Aug 14, 2010


Next Friday, the 20th, I will be going in for some minor surgery for my sinus issues. It's really nothing major, just a simple procedure to lessen my bouts of sinusitis and problems breathing through my nose properly due to enlarged turbinates but for a few days after my posts will be a bit sparse as I will be recovering. I will try

Aug 12, 2010

Plant Of The Week

Rock gardens present the gardener with a challenging growing environment more options than just an ugly spot in their landscape. It is a solution to

Aug 11, 2010

"What Is...?" Wednesday


Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are electronically generated noises that resemble speech, but are not the result of intentional voice recordings or renderings. Common sources of EVP include static, stray radio transmissions, and background noise. Some have claimed these sounds are of paranormal origin,[1] while there are natural explanations such as apophenia (finding significance in insignificant phenomena), auditory pareidolia(interpreting random sounds as voices in their own language), equipment artefacts, or simple hoaxes. Recordings of EVP are often created from background sound by increasing the gain (i.e. sensitivity) of the recording equipment.

Parapsychologist Konstantin Raudive, who popularized the idea,[2] described EVP as typically brief, usually the length of a word or short phrase.[3]

The concept of the paranormal first began to attract a great deal of interest in the early 1800s, with the rise of Spiritualism. Spiritualists believed that they could communicate with “the other side” through people known as mediums, and a large cottage industry of mediums arose in the 19th century to feed popular demand. Spiritualists also described paranormal experiences, ranging from abductions to hauntings, and Spiritualism later grew into parapsychology, which purports to be a scientific study of paranormal activities.

One early researcher on EVP, Konstantin Raudive, worked on the issue in the 1960s, publishing several landmark works in the field. Some people refer to EVP as “Raudive voices,” in a reference to this pioneer. Raudive believed that EVP communications were generally short, often just a word or phrase, and he suggested that they were communications from the dead.

There are a number of ways to record EVP, and proponents of a paranormal explanation for EVP often use multiple recorders and other techniques in an attempt to make their recordings as test-proof as possible. Some people simply record white noise, listening for signs of EVP, while others claim to have identified EVP in recordings of speeches, songs, and so forth. EVP also allegedly comes through on the radio waves, and in the static between television stations.

EVP researchers say that the highly interactive communication they have engaged in would be impossible to discount as interference or brain tricks. "I have been an amateur radio operator for 40 years, and I have never had tape or digital recorders pick up any artificial interference," says one researcher. "Also, how can an interactive EVP, where the spirit is responding to my questions or commenting on my words, ever be considered interference?"

Aug 10, 2010

Tarot Tuesday- Shadows

Deep within ourselves, lurking in the psyche of all humankind, is our subconscious that holds all of what everyday society deems as inappropriate feelings, secret wishes, and creative urges. When we start ignoring these feelings, wishes and thoughts, they soon start to form a shadow, a powerful force of unresolved inner conflicts and unexpressed emotions that resists our efforts to control it.

The shadow takes its shape from a swirling mass of negative thought patterns and behaviors. This shadow is sabateur, martyr, victim, addict, sadist, masochist, or tyrant...all the darker parts of ourselves that prey on the lighter qualities of the human personality.

The shadow also represents those latent talents and positive traits that were banished from us at some time along our life path, perhaps through an abusive childhood, or toxic relationship. All of our artistic, musical, athletic, or creative talents and undeveloped abilities, dreams that have gone unexpressed, a fantasy of what might have been—these too make up the personal shadow, they become the lost parts of ourselves.

This is where tarot, specifically the Major Arcana, can be used to heal as well as give insights into our "shadow-selves" and paths to healthy solutions. There is an absolutely wonderful book called "Tarot Shadow Work: Using the Dark Symbols to Heal" by Christine Jette, that I cannot recommend highly enough!

In this book, "Tarot Shadow Work, using the dark symbols to heal," you learn how to free yourself from the trap of the shadow's power. Through tarot work, journaling, meditation, creative visualization, and dream work, this book brings the shadow into the light and is ideal for those who are in recovery from a serious addiction or illness, as well as any person seeking a deeper understanding of his or her true self.

By exploring the dark and uncharted territory of the unconscious mind, one will be able to work towards understanding and integrating the shadow. No prior knowledge of the tarot is required and learning to use the cards as a tool to help break free from negative patterns and self-destructive behavior is the greatest gift one can give themselves.

We are made of both light and darkness and accepting our dual natures, frees us from sabotaging our own efforts as we learn to be compassionate with others and with ourselves.

Aug 9, 2010

The Four Suits

Each Tarot suit represents one of the four elements, Fire, Water, Air or Earth. The Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles each correspond to an area in life. Understanding these correspondences can give a quick sense of what the cards are trying to say.. All of us deal with thoughts, emotions, finances, health, and relationships on a daily basis. Even if you don't know the precise meaning of a card, combining the suit's symbolism with the energy represented by the number of the card you can grasp of the card's interpretation.

Swords (blades, athame's)

Element: Air
Playing card suit: spades
Zodiac: Gemini, Libra and Aquarius
Season: Winter

The Swords are often misunderstood due to their reputation. Admittedly, this suit can appear to have a somber tone but Swords are about movement and struggle associated with matters of conflict, both physical and moral. Many Swords in a reading indicate action of course, but can also indicate struggle since they represent the effort before the end result. Swords govern intellectual activity and is essentially male in character and represent the intellect in its best and most controlled aspect.

Wands (staves, batons)

Element: Fire.
Playing card suit: clubs
Season: Spring
Zodiac: Leo, Aries and Sagittarius

When you think of the Wand cards, think of fire. Some decks have images of burning objects on them . Wands indicate passion and desire, ambitions, creativity, vitality, self-development, growth, and perception. The Wands present future-oriented energy that is active and inventive. .The suit of Wands has both positive and negative aspects. The negative associated with the Wands is the scorching side of the fire - restlessness, anger, violence, pride, mischief, disruption and willfulness.

Cups (goblets, chalices, cauldrons)

Element: Water
Zodiac: Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio
Playing Card Suit: Hearts
Season: Summer

The Cups focus on emotions and matters of the heart. The meaning of each Tarot card in the Cups suit tend to guide emotional questions of almost any nature. If you have a number of Cups in a readings it may indicate that emotional issues have not yet physically materialized. The realm of the Cups is filled with new promise and can represent the desire for harmonious relationships.

Pentacles (Coins and Disks)

Element: Earth
Zodiac: Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo
Playing card suit: diamonds
Season: Autumn

Pentacles stand for the actual manifestation of an idea. They are about results, fruition, realization and prosperity. Pentacles represent abundance on all different levels....not just in your wallet, but also your status, the home you are able to obtain, the lifestyle you are able to lead, the work environment that you enjoy. They gauge how well you hit the mark set by your own inner self.