Dec 10, 2012

Tarot Deck Review- Tarot of the Tattoo Age

There's an awesome new self published tarot deck out that I just HAD to check out, after hearing about it via a podcast. Self published decks, in my own opinion, are such wonderful treasures that sometimes get overlooked by the general public simply because they just don't get the media attention that larger publishing companies can afford.

But they have something that the well known publishing houses don't have...creative freedom afforded by not having the guidelines and restrictions about size, borders or no borders, and general things we, as consumers don't usually think much about.

Allow me to introduce The Tarot of the Tattoo Age, an amazing 79 card deck that features fabulously unique artwork from the tattoo community. Most would consider this "just another theme deck"  and I'm sure it could be considered as such but I see it as a Tarot deck that was created by artists, doing what they do best...creating beautiful imagery, they just happen to be tattoo artists. 

The first thing I noticed, that I just love, is the large size of the cards. I like the larger sized cards because they tend to feel better in my hands when I shuffle and work with them. Some may have a problem with the larger size but that can quickly be remedied by side shuffling. You seem to get imagery that is a bit more clearer to read as the more narrow, or poker sized deck and it really saves on eye strain when you get to be my age! The artwork seems a little brighter and talkative with the larger cards and therefor, I find large decks much preferable. 
Tarot of the Tattoo Age 4The card stock that this striking deck was printed on is absolutely awesome! It shuffles beautifully and is not too thin as some self published decks are. Tarot of the Tattoo Age has a gorgeous glossy lamination that absolutely makes the images pop. Most of the cards are brightly colored and follow the Rider-Waite tradition, there are a few cards done in grey scale and fit together nicely as a whole. I haven't encountered any imagery that may clash with each other at all, this is a wonderful high energy deck.

The deck comes in a cardboard flip top box featuring the Emperor on the front and the Four of Pentacles on the back. Speaking of backs, the card backs have a prominent green Pentacle surrounded by elemental symbols. The cards have an amazing fade type coloring that starts out a peach color at the top left and slowly fades into a lavender coloring at the bottom right corner. There is also a LWB (little white book) that comes along for the ride that features the artists name that created that particular card along with Rider-Waite keywords.

All in all, I am really impressed with this deck, the imagery is absolutely stunning and it reads very well with a kind of  "in your face"  style attitude, I just love it when decks just start talking right off the bat and you aren't found sitting there trying to coax the answers out. This may not be a deck for beginners, as a good foundation of Tarot is required but Tarot of the Tattoo Age is an awesome deck for more experienced readers and collectors alike!

Tarot of the Tattoo Age 1
Here is where you can find this amazing deck:
$35 each payable by check or money order to:
FLACO Productions
348 South State St.
Salt Lake City, UT 84111


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