Aug 31, 2010

Deck Review- Sun and Moon Tarot

I recently had the privilege of reviewing a marvelous new deck published by US Games Systems called the "Sun and Moon Tarot" by Vanessa Decort. This is a wonderful deck with fantastic little characters that are so whimsical and expressive.

This 78 card deck comes with
a LWB (little white book) and has the perfect card stock, not too heavy as to make shuffling difficult and not too flimsy one might be afraid of bending the cards. The deck's finish compliments the artistry put into each card and adds to the over all appeal and absolutely shuffles like a dream in my hands. The Sun and Moon Tarot definately does not disappoint.

The borders, originally designed to be black, were later changed to white but these cards would be quite charming regardless of the color around the edges. The Minor Arcana contain the four standard suits of Pentacles, Wands, Cups and Swords corresponding to the elements of Earth, Fire, Water and Air. The Pentacles are of green and golden tones; the Wands have night time scenery that only enhances the imagery of their fiery suit; the Cups are in fantastic sea greens and blue tones and the Swords suit perfectly reflects it's Air qualities with blue sky and puffy clouds.

The Major Arcana each have a Roman numeral at the top as well as the name at the bottom of the card (some cards have two names...Death-Rebirth and the Aeon-Judgement) and the Hebrew letter associated with that particular card is contained in the artwork itself. Vanessa Decort's very fresh and modern use of traditional symbols from the lotus and butterflies on the Empress card to the crocodile, monkey and sphinx on the Wheel of Fortune all convey simple but at the same time complex, multilayer meanings... a great deck for the beginner or professional tarot reader alike.

Looking through these cards, I tried to pick out one or two cards that I really liked the best but they are all so great, I wasn't able to do so. Each card is exciting, unique and a pleasure to look at. I have even thought about getting a second deck to keep on hand because I like it so much!

Although this deck caught my eye for the artists use of color and Thoth-like attributes, it does indeed stand out on it's own and would be an excellent addition to anyone's tarot collection. The Sun and Moon tarot gets an enthusiastic two thumbs up from Lizzie's Logic!
Size: 2.75” x 4.75”
Author: Vanessa Decort

Images used with the permission of US Games Systems


Anastasia said...

Well it looks like another deck to add to my wants. =)

Ghost Dansing said...

this is a very kewl blog.