Aug 13, 2010

Silly Picture Of The Week

Shadow and Calliope say hello.


Anonymous said...

The dog looks like he is saying hello but I am not sure about your kitty. She looks like she is saying "Back of bitch" LOL

Adorable picture.



Sue said...

How sweet, Liz! Our Border Collie, Dakota, likes to lick all our kitties on the tops of their heads... I love the joy they bring us! XOSue~

Eliza said...

Little and large, cute :-)

Anonymous said...

Such a sweet picture. We've just got a new member of our family too.
Our little kitty is a bit smaller. We think she isn't 6 weeks yet. She was dumped in a nature area and luckily someone found her and her brother and brought them to a vet. That is where we found our new little kitty by accident. We love her very much already !!!
Have a wonderful weekend.

Jacqueline said...

Adorable photo...Happy weekend, Liz.

Laila and Minchie said...

What a brave little kitten! Such a cute picture!