Aug 15, 2010

Serenity Sunday

The Hutzuls (Ukrainians who live in the Carpathian Mountains of Western Ukraine) believe that the fate of the world depends upon the pysanka. As long as the egg decorating custom continues, the world will exist. If, for any reason

, this custom is abandoned, the shape of a horrible monster (often called Pekun) who is forever chained to a cliff... will overrun the world. Each year the monster sends out his minions to see how many pysanky have been created. If the number is low the monster's chains are loosened and he is free to wander the earth causing havoc and destruction. If, on the other hand, the number of pysanky has increased, the chains are tightened and good triumphs over evil for yet another year.

My List

1.) My family

2.) Great friends

3.) My kitten, Calliope

4.) Ice cold tea (with a fresh lemon)

5.) Tarot spreads from Tarot Elements (go check them out!)

6.) Laughter

7.) Dipping my toes in the pond

8.) Tarot mentors

9.) Konxari Cards ( Thank you Donnaleigh!)

10.) Books (all kinds!)


Mother's Moon's Message said...

I love the tedious work that goes into such eggs... so beautiful

Debra She Who Seeks said...

My Rare One creates pysanky -- I'll tell her to do a few extra this year! Kind of like insurance!

Fire Lyte said...

The fate of the world depends on the pysanka is possibly the funniest sentence ever written. Ever.