Apr 25, 2011

Deck Review- The Journey Oracle

Developed by Adrienne Trafford, this deck was created at a time where she found herself wondering several deep questions about just where she was at and had she contributed or inspired others and through this very soul searching, we now have the wonderful little deck called The Journey Oracle.  

This 46 nicely illustrated deck measures 2 7/8" x 4 1/2" and is a great size for working with and it shuffles quite easily. The card stock is a perfect thickness and the lamination is glossy and makes the colors really stand out.

Each card is bordered by a different color such as lavender, light blue rich earth tones and other attractive pastel coloring. I love her artwork, the images are simple and lovely and speak volumes with their expressions.

This deck comes in a wonderful hard shelled box that you can keep them in and is accompanied by 95 page expanded LWB (little white book) that includes how to use the cards, what each card says and points to consider when working with any particular card.  Some of the cards include Appreciation, Luxury, Patience and Rebirth, there are also four Queen cards with the designation of Clubs, Hearts, Diamonds and Spades.

Along with the Journey Oracle, she has also created The Journey Coloring Book which features the images used in the deck. It is separate from the deck but provides hours of coloring fun with a theme of women making decisions. The pictures to color are full page illustrations and compliment The Journey Oracle fantastically!

The Journey Oracle
Publisher: Schiffer Books
Artist: Adrienne Trafford
ISBN: 9780764337833

The Journey Coloring Book
Publisher: Schiffer Books
Artist Adrienne Trafford
ISBN: 9780764337840

Images used with permission of Schiffer Books

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