Apr 10, 2011

Serenity Sunday

Candle Meditation is practiced as you would imagine by focusing on the flame of a candle. It can be done as a warm up for regular meditation, or it can be your entire meditation regimen. Candle meditation is something that you would want to practice if you would like to work on your concentration skills.

You achieve candle meditation by taking a candle, any type of candle, sit in front of it and stare at the flame. For this type of meditation, you would normally sit in the lotus position in front of the flame. You may choose to sit on a chair instead of the floor, but the candle should be eye level. Once you are seated and the candle is lit, stare at the candle flame. In staring at the candle flame, you will begin to think of everyday items; things that have to get done, schedules to be followed, and others. Eventually those thoughts will fade and you will be left with your freed mind.

When it comes to candle meditation, concentration is the key and the object that is improved upon. In staring at the candle, you allow your thought and contemplation to focus briefly on the every day concerns of your life before you return to your deliberate contemplation of the candle flame. In letting your everyday distractions go, and continuing to focus on the candle flame, your concentration becomes stronger.

My List:

1.) My kids

2.) My pets

3.) Trees in bud

4.) Garden centers

5.) Freshly cut grass

6.) Quiet time

7.) New books

8.) Destination Truth

9.) Plums

10.) Electric pencil sharpeners

1 comment:

Sherry )O( AutumnTurtle said...

Fantastic blog! I love candle meditation it is just hard to drag my brain back when it wanders off. I have been doing some group meditations with some other witch/pagans and it is working so well for me. I am finally reaching that 'place' while meditating ! WOOHOOO