May 9, 2011

Deck Review- The Kingdom Within Tarot

The Kingdom Within Tarot is a truly unique deck based on the restored tree of Life as put forth by Charles Stanfield Jones, a star initiate of Aleister Crowley. It's based upon the ancient systems of Astrology,  Qabalah and universal archetypes as well as sacred myths. It is a great deck in which to study these systems while discovering spiritual truths that had previously been hidden.

This is a little larger deck and comes in a beautiful hard covered box that you can use for storage. The lamination is glossy and wonderful, making the images almost seem 3-D. It comes with a 176 page companion book that gives very detailed descriptions of each card's symbolism as well as general meanings.

The Major Arcana cards are filled with detailed images and symbols like colored spheres, relating to a different path on the Tree of Life, astrological symbols as well as planets and other information. the images are unique and thought provoking, aiding to a deeper insight into life's questions. The colors are vivid and bright and pleasant to look at.

The Minor Arcana are just as detailed with many symbols seen in each card. The Courts are an interesting group, the Kings each have four grey spheres, one in each corner, correlating with Chokmah, the Father, the Queens have four black spheres for Binah, the Mother, the Princes have golden spheres representing Tiphereth, the Son and the Pages have four spheres divided into equal colors for Malkuth, the Daughter.

As detailed as the information is in the companion book, there is a much larger more in depth book that goes along with this deck called The Alchemy of Tarot Practical Enlightenment through astrology, Qabalah and Archetypes of Tarot which in itself is a wonderful study guide not only to the cards but of The Tree of Life itself and all the other symbolism found within the deck. This is an excellent reference manual for study and understanding and I was quite in awe of it's contents.

I found The Kingdom Within a truly wonderful deck with it's associations and symbolism and the companion book's information is very valuable to anyone who would like to study The Tree of Life and other such detailed concepts. I'm not sure if I would recommend this deck for an absolute beginner as some of the information is a lot to take on when just starting out but I highly recommend it for anyone seeking a deeper understanding of the Tarot and it's rich symbolism.

Publisher:Schiffer Books
Authors: Juno Lucina and Shannon ThornFeather
ISBN: 9780764337109

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