May 23, 2011

Deck Review- The Medieval Cat Tarot

Being a tarot lover and cat enthusiast, I get to combine my two most favorite things with a deck illustrated by Lawrence Teng and text provided by Gina M. Price and Lawrence Teng called The Medieval Cat Tarot offered by US Games Systems Inc. This is a charming deck featuring dapper little felines, all in elegant fifteenth century finery.

This is a 78 card deck measuring 2 1/2 "x 4 3/4" based loosely on the Rider Waite tradition but differing in the aspect that it depicts images of folk art style illustrations and limited symbolism. That, however, does not affect this decks ability to convey concepts and feelings found in more symbolically detailed decks.

The Major Arcana are not numbered but do have the name of each card found at the bottom so that if one were to prefer Strength and Justice to be in a traditional or reversed order this can be accommodated. The one thing I did notice about these little kitties is that the usually titled High Priestess and the Heirophant are called the Popess and the Pope respectively which adds a certain flair, given the unique nature of this deck.

The Minor Arcana are also not numbered but have each suit in the appropriate number shown on each card along with a small cameo in the middle expressing the feeling or concept of each card. The Courts Card images are richly pictured with the Pages in renaissance style cloaks, each holding the symbol of their suit, the gallant Knights on their decorated steeds, the Queens primly sitting on their thrones with imagery of each suit along side of them and the regal Kings, also sitting on their thrones showing the nature of their suit in the background behind them.

All of the cards are bordered attractively and the shiny lamination is absolutely perfect for showing of these little cats at their best and comes with the standard LWB ( little white book). This an excellent deck for beginner to intermediate tarot readers and the cards read wonderfully and quite accurately too. I absolutely love this deck, not just for it's subject matter of cats but the style of the cards and colors used in the deck. I highly recommend this deck for any collection.

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