May 8, 2011

Serenity Sunday

Usually every day it is my custom to grab my tarot deck and draw three cards for that day and see what they have to tell me. Tarot cards are funny things, they have a knack of telling you what you need to hear whether or not you are ready to hear them. I drew the three cards you see above Friday and I knew by the Star (my birth card) that this message was for me and I knew by the Queen of Wands (Kali) that it involved a strong female figure and some sort of renewal indicated by Aeon.

I sat at my desk pondering these cards for several minutes, just trying to figure out just what they were saying and for a long time their message eluded me so I let my attention drift over to my computer screen where I had TweetDeck running so I can keep up on all the latest Tweets. All of a sudden a Tweet was about Mother's Day and in a flash that little light bulb in my head clicked on. I know what they're trying to tell me...and it was pretty simple too...I needed to resurrect my efforts to connect with my mother and call her on Mother's Day. 

I wasn't really sure that I wanted to hear that I needed to call my mom on Mother's Day because you see, to say that our relationship was tenuous at best would be an understatement, which is probably why I didn't connect the Queen of Wands with my mother right away. So, what did I do next? I sent a text to my middle daughter asking her if she had spoken to Grandma Ginger lately and if so, how was she doing...I learned that she had surgery quite recently and was in the hospital (I guiltily glanced at my cards feeling rather unsettled at their message) so I knew that I needed to gather the courage and give her a call.

I called my step dad to see which hospital she was at and found out that she had been released and was staying with a relative during her recuperation and he gladly gave me her cell number (my mother has a cell phone, would wonders ever cease?) I called her and surprisingly she answered almost right away. I asked how she was doing and I could tell that she wasn't immediately sure who was asking but I forged on and she realized it was me. I wished her an early Happy Mother's Day and I could tell that I had certainly caught her off guard but she cordially said thank you and I felt a little better since the conversation went well.

It felt good to hear her voice, she sounded well and strong as ever and hopefully my call gave her something to think about. I never have forgotten about her, I think of my mother often...not just on her birthday, Christmas or even on her anniversary to my step dad but usually I'm  too much of a coward to call and just let sleeping dogs lie. I really miss my mom, I wish that we had been able to have a relationship. I know she'll never read this post but Happy Mother's Day mom, I love you.

My List:

1.) My mom

2.) My kids

3.) Great Friends

4.) My Tarot cards

5.) Hand made Mother's Day gifts

6.) Memories

7.) Courage

8.) Cell phones

9.) Rice crispy treats

10.) Second Chances

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