May 15, 2011

Serenity Sunday

Lemon Thyme

A sweetly scented, evergreen herb and a cultivated form of wild thyme. It is a popular culinary herb due to its mild citrus flavor and is often used in stuffings, with chicken dishes or added to fruit salads and jellies.

Lemon thyme has therapeutic effects as well and is popular as an alternative to standard Western allopathic medicine for a variety of problems, including anti-ageing properties, relieving muscle spasms as well as easing a tight chest and promoting relaxation.

I have a couple varieties of Thyme in my herb garden and highly advocate adding the Lemon variety to yours, it's creeping and mounding nature adds a wonderful, scented addition around water features such as a pond or just as a terrific contrast along with other herbs.

My List:

1.) My kids

2.) Great friends

3.) LOTS of laughter

4.) Frogs serenading me from our pond at night.

5.) Weeding the flower beds

6.) The scent of Hyacinths 

7.) Roses bursting with foliage

8.) My guy's are the BEST!

9.) Mowing the lawn

10.) Smudging the house in honor of Spring

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