Oct 21, 2011

Deck Review- Tokens Of Light

Although the Tokens of Light are not a deck of cards per se, these little gems by Orna Ben-Shoshan still have the unique ability to shed light on our day to day affairs and give us valuable insights into life using  66 "paths" that enable us to navigate life's sometimes turbulent waters.

According to the Kabbalah, the 22  letters of the Hebrew alphabet are considered as channels through which the Divine Abundance flows through the universe. Each  circular Token has it's very own unique spiritual and energetic attributes and represent the process of creation from beginning to end, and therefore correspond to events and flow of our every day lives. 

When these Tokens were being created, three different aspects were chosen to compose a system of 66 definitions, giving the reader insightful guidance to help understand the forces that affect different situations in their lives. Each Token has whimsical but yet beautiful imagery on one side and on the other, a number and Hebrew letter with what that letter stands for in Hebrew and translated into English as well so that it serves as both keyword and an "understanding." 

There is a fantastic 86 page interpretation booklet that comes with the Tokens of Light as well as a gorgeous silver leaf designed bag in which to hold your Tokens and it can be used as a means of shuffling them  too. Now, you may be thinking just how accurate are the Tokens of Light and after working with them for a few weeks now, I have found that they are surprisingly relevant to the questions or situations I have inquired of them. 

As an added bonus, this system also includes two amulet coins that are not to be included in readings, but are to carry with you. One represents a blessing for protection and fulfillment and the other that brings balance and success to all areas of an individual's life, what a fantastic, uplifting affirmation is that?

In the interpretation booklet, several "spreads" or ways to use these Tokens are presented but I've found that simply pulling them out of the bag and laying down three or four tokens is quite enlightening and informative. The artwork is stunning and The Tokens of Light were a real joy to work with. I highly recommend  them to anyone wanting a more unique form of insight or divination... Anyone would truly benefit from this amazing set of cards. 

Publisher:Kabbalah Insights
Artist: Orna Ben-Shoshan

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Lisa Frideborg said...

What an interesting set of cards/tokens. I love the idea of including amulets. This went straight onto my wish list. Thanks for sharing!