Dec 14, 2009

Family Traditions

There's a book that I've ordered recently called Circle Round raising children in the Goddess tradition. I first became aware of it a few months ago on Confessions of a Pagan Soccer Mom's blog where Mrs. B gave it a great review. I have been mulling over this book, checking reviews and putting a lot of thought into whether or not I should buy it to introduce (more in depth) my beliefs with my youngest two children. My kids know that I'm pagan and  have a basic understanding of what that means but I never really taught them exactly what my spiritual path is all about.

When I was their age (after my father passed away), it was not an option to choose which spiritual path I wanted to follow, I was going to go to the catholic church and follow the belief system that my mother thought I should. I began resenting "church" because deep down inside it did not resonate with me. I could not reconcile the belief that people who commit suicide went to hell...sure, my father took his own life but he suffered from manic depression and alcoholism...did god sentence cancer patients and the mentally ill to  suffer fire and brimstone for all eternity... hadn't these people suffered enough in this world? How is that an example of a loving god?

So I made a vow to myself that when I had children, I would raise them to be respectful, conscientious, loving and kind but not shove my idea of spirituality down their throats as had been done to me. I'm very proud of my children (all five of them) and have always supported them in their search for
meaning...which ironically is more earth based than mainstream beliefs and makes me chuckle to think they have a  mostly pagan belief system and they don't even realize it.

However, now that I'm older, I want my youngest two to experience the world with a more grounded view of life and how they fit in, so I finally made the decision to teach them my spirituality on a level that they can understand. I want them to experience the freedom of a spirituality that does not base it's teachings of fear or control..that being who they are is exactly as deity made them to be.... I want them to embrace their gifts and not stifle them as I did.

In this book, there are many activities and things that we can do together that also teach them about the turning of seasons, about the god and goddess and traditions that we can build together that they can pass along that teach and promote a healthy outlook on the  natural world and how it works. I'm so excited to start reading and sharing with them and maybe I'll post our progress in a few entries. I think it will deepen my own spirituality in the process.


greekwitch said...

Oh, i think you are going to have much fun in the process.Blessings!

Debra She Who Seeks said...

Yes, Circle Round is a classic! I know you and your kids will enjoy it!

Jennifer said...

I still have this book and my children loved it!

Anna said...

I have owned this book for YEARS and loved it when my daughters were small and now that they are grown up I STILL use it and they STILL like doing some of the activities inside, enjoy!

Annette said...

Your experience with organized religion sounds similar to mine - it was decided that I would be southern baptist. HA!

I have this book, and loved it; reference it still today.


Magaly Guerrero said...

The Boyfriend and I have been discussing children and spirituality lately. Wondering what we'll do when we have our little one. The Boyfriend is not Pagan or Christian, he is just Spiritual and in Search.

I told him that I was forced to "believe" in something and I didn't have fun, so I'll like to teach our children about life. Once they understand enough to want to do something in particular, then I'll go ahead and help them through it. Before that I'll try to teach them about life, love and everything in between, if they decide that Paganism is their way, then we'll dance in circles together.

I wish you the best with the book, it sounds fabulous. You must keep us updated on the new family tradition!

Rue said...

Looking forward to hearing about your journey with this book! I looked at this a while back, but have to be careful what I introduce to my neices as they aren't my kids. Although my brother is very open.

I guess they'll be in for a treat when Auntie is doing ritual in the backyard this summer - lol!