Dec 3, 2009

We Interrupt The Normal Programming....

Normally I would be posting my Tarot Shadow Work today but I'm going to put that on the back burner for awhile. My favorite time of year since I can remember has always been Autumn but as the days grow dark earlier and the mornings frostier, I find it getting more difficult to do all that inner searching that can lead to serious seasonal blah's for me. I tend to become more of a hermit, I tend to just wanna sit and watch the boob tube while I crochet and I never really could stand the cold...the older I get the stiffer my joints are! 

Anyway, I'm not too sure what I will replace it with but today I think I'll just leave you with this little update and if you have any subjects, comments or questions you would like to see explored a bit more, by all means drop me a line. I apologize for the interruption in  routine (and  goddess knows I do like my routine!) and I wish all of you a very blessed Thursday!

p.s.- It's my  oldest daughter Nikki's 23rd birthday today, time has just flown!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Nicki! From Sweden!B.L.

Rue said...

Happy birthday to Nikki! Take time for yourself - no worries! The Winter makes me hide too.