Dec 29, 2009

Tarot Tuesday

There are many books out there on tarot...many, many...but one of the "must have's that I always suggest to people just starting out is "Tarot for Yourself  a Workbook for Personal Transformation" by Mary K. Greer.  In this book, she discusses how to discover the number for a year and how it corresponds to a specific Major Arcana card. It's quite simple...just take the year, 2010, and  add up all of the digits...2+0+1+0= 3...So the new year will be a 3 year. The number three card in the Major Arcana is The Empress.

Social expansion, creative successes

This is a social, happy year and it generally tends to exude bright and cheerful vibrations. This is a year to check up on old friends and broaden social circles to include some new ones. Romance and love affairs may bloom. Life to its fullest now ( but don't get too carried away, you might have to pay the consequences later on.)  The mantle of responsibility will seem to have lifted a bit. 

Many things will be happening at the same time but so don't get too many irons in the fire. Take some time to enjoy what life has to offer but keep healthy goals in mind. A 3 year is a good time to expand personal creative talents, especially those related to the arts and verbal skills. Recognition in this regard is likely this year.

Tarot Layout For The New Year

1.) Influence(s) passing away with the year.

2.) Accomplishment(s) of the past year to reflect on.

3.) Goal(s) for the coming year.

4.) Obstacle(s) you may encounter in the coming year.

5.) Energies that will help you in the coming year.

6.) What is the over-all theme of the coming year?

*(s) ~in case you wish to draw a clarifying card to further understand the card drawn.*


Anastasia said...

Thank you for posting that. I have been looking for a spread to use.

By the way I love your Tarot Tuesday. I am always excited to read it and it has helped me since I just started using tarot.

ONe PiNK FiSH said...

I love the number for the new year concept espeically since I have been pondering guitar lessons for me and my oldest. I think it would be benefical for him and just plain ol fun for me.

What other concepts and ideas does the book you suggested cover? Sounds like a book I might enjoy.

Debra She Who Seeks said...

One of the first tarot books I ever read was Mary Greer's Tarot for Yourself. It was and is a fabulous, must-have book, as you have said.

Rue said...

This is a great spread! I'm going to use it on new years eve - thanks Liz!

日月神教-向左使 said...