Dec 15, 2009

Tarot Tuesday

The Nine of Wands shows us a character that looks somewhat worse for wear, leaning against one of the Wands as if it is holding him up. He has a bandage around his head indicating an injury or at least proof of having been in a battle....he may be hurt, but it's far from fatal.  This card comes up most often when we have had a bad experience and we feel tired and battle weary. Although we may not be  hurt physically, our psyches are wounded and openness, innocence and trust are replaced  with defensiveness.                      
In readings, the Nine of Wands can be a warning to proceed with caution and to keep an eye out because there is the possibility that you will be hurt. If you have already been in a hurtful situation, you know  all too well what this man is feeling. Life  can be hard  on us sometimes and more so  when  our hopes  have been crushed. It is natural to feel defensive in situations such as this but it's important to avoid becoming bitter and resentful. Life experiences might  have wounded you but it has also  produced a strength you  may not have had before.

One aspect of  the Nine of Wands is the green leaves poking out, it shows me that this time out or rest before the next battle has potential. I see the green leaves as showing me that through this experience, there will be growth even if I am unable to see it now, I will have gained valuable life lessons that will assist me along my journey on this sometimes crazy ride called "life."  The other aspect of the Nine of Wands is strength... this individual is a fighter and  he is tough.  He has the physical stamina and the inner drive to persist despite all setbacks.

On another note....

There are two terrific blogs I'd like to bring to your attention

 The first one is called Magaly Guerrero, the official blog of an Author in the making to quote her bio..."Magaly pursues a Creative Writing degree, while she works on short stories and on her first novel length manuscript. When not working on her fiction, Magaly can be found on her personal blog, discussing life, love, and everything in between, with her beloved Wicked Darlings."

This is a wonderful and greatly entertaining blog and I encourage you to stop by...just tell her I sent you!

The second blog I'd like to bring to your attention is Save Moki which chronicles the life and adventures of (of course) Moki, a little tiger striped guy with with lots of heart and truly a real trooper. Mama Bean has recently updated how Moki is doing and I hope you will stop by his page to see his Christmas surprise!


Fire Lyte said...

Thank you so much for your analysis of this card! I'm always confused by the images presented. Is the man hiding? Is he running from something? Or, is he preparing to go back to battle? It's a rather enigmatic card, and you're rather perspicacious in your interpretation. (Remember that word? haha)

I use the Druidcraft Tarot, and the image is completely different. The man's left arm is in a sling, and he's glaring off to the right while standing behind sharpened staves positioned at an angle that would cause some damage if you ran into them. It's a bit more proactive, which I have always interpreted as being like a cactus, personality-wise.

Insightful as always! BTW, what did you think about my Sin episode?

Magaly Guerrero said...

How interesting, I love how you interpret everything the card has to say, including the positive things. It seems that most readings I had lately come loaded with doom lol.

Thanks so much for the link love. I shall return the favor soon ;)