Sep 13, 2010

Book Review- Muhammad

I had a marvelous opportunity  to read a terrific book called Muhammad, by Deepak Chopra which chronicles the life of the Muhammad and how he rose from being just a simple man to the last Prophet. This book really gave me insight into his life and just exactly what Islam is about. Did you know that Islam means "peace?"

Born in 570 C.E., Muhammad saw himself as an ordinary man, a merchant, father, husband  and businessman who often sought solitude from the rough and tumble life of the city, Mecca. His father, Abdullah, was killed on a caravan trip when he was just a small boy and was raised by his uncle Abu Talib. He simply saw himself as "A man among men."

The story of Muhammad is told through the eyes of those closest to him... by those who were touched by his wisdom and during his lifetime he battled misunderstanding and  hatred, even from his own relatives, to protect and nurture the new faith. At the age of forty, he staggered out from his place of refuge high above the city a shocked and shattered man having just been visited by the angel Gabriel and with time he began to "recite" just as Gabriel had told him to. Recite is the root word for the Koran (or Qu'ran) and Muhammad found himself dumbstruck by this angelic command because he was known for his quiet observation and did not join in with other common practices. 

I found this to be a wonderful insight into Islam, it's roots and the man who made it all possible for the believers. Deepak Chopra has done an excellent job of bringing Muhammad's character to life so that we can truly see him in a new light. I had known little of this Prophet and to be able to understand his culture and beliefs was truly an amazing journey. In this world today, especially after 9/11 it was refreshing to understand the true nature of Islam and with understanding comes tolerance...a little something that we could all use a dose of no matter different our faith or beliefs are.


trish said...

You're so right -- with understanding comes tolerance, something we seem to be in need of these days. I'm so glad you liked the book! Thanks for being on this tour!

Nana Fredua-Agyeman said...

thanks for this. I really would not have read such a book. but thanks for this.

Eliza said...

Thanks for that, very interesting :-)