Sep 23, 2010

My Favorite Cards

I had an interesting conversation the other day with my friend Janet Boyer in which we discussed our favorite cards that we looked for when looking at a potential new deck and Janet came up with the brilliant idea to put up a post asking this very question. Among the responses on The Fool Stop Tarot blog were the cards people chose and a bit about why they were chosen but there was one comment in particular that got my mental machinery turning. The question was..."What do these cards that we always look for in a new deck say about us?" So I figured that I would list my favorite cards I look for in any new deck and what that might say about me and I encourage you to do the same and let me know just what you come up with

The very first card I always look for is The Moon, I'm not sure why this card has always been a favorite of mine but it never ceases to enthrall me how beautiful and mysterious the Moon can be. The Moon is symbolic of the imagination and can be an illusion in itself. One must guard against accepting illusions as they may cause an error in  judgement. There will be many unforeseen changes and unexpected occurrences and only when you are willing for things to be the way they are and accept them they are, will they change. We cannot run from the problem and the only way out is through.

I've never really been a daydreamer, I've pretty much seen life as it actually is... maybe my choice in the Moon card is telling me that at times I would very much like to hide or harbor illusions about events simply because some events can be painful but as the Moon implies, the only way to deal with problems and struggles is not to hide from them but face them head on in. I still love the romantic dreamy feel to this card and it will always be my favorite.

The second card I always look for is the Star,  my birth card and the card of Aquarius. The Star card in tarot is often called a card of hope. Here, however, it is not hope as we often view it as wishful thinking, but in the archaic use of the word which means to have trust and confidence in the future. I for one hold this card dear to my heart, I always look to the positive and hopeful side, choosing to see the possibilities rather than the road blocks. Life is too short to waste on seeing ones limitations and not it's possibilities so I am the eternal optimist.

The third card I always look for is The Hermit. With the Hermit card we recognize that each of our thoughts and actions are a brick we use to build our lives, we partake in the creation of our own reality. The Hermit has had to learn this lesson by means of distancing himself from the regular, routine world. By removing himself from the "normal" stream of societal thought, the Hermit is able to listen to the inner stirrings of his own intuition and act upon it. I have aways been a somewhat solitary type, preferring my own company as opposed to large social gatherings

I had always chalked it up to being and only child but I somehow think that this is just another facet of the core parts that make me who I am. I am always seeking that calm inner place of thought and personal growth, a place to let my inner wisdom guide me rather than follow the crowd. It's not that I'm not social by any means but in times of stress I like to go to that quiet, still place within myself and regroup and recharge.

It's rather funny as I finish up talking about what my favorite cards may indicate about myself, that there are no Minor Arcana cards that I seek out, they are all Major Arcana and as we all know the Major Arcana are all about the human condition. Each card represents the joys and sorrows every man and woman can experience in a lifetime. A Major Arcana card is always given extra weight in a reading. When one of these cards appears, you know the issues at stake are not mundane or temporary. They represent your most basic concerns - your major feelings and motivations.The human drama illustrated in 22 cards and not the day to day activities and goings on of the Minor Arcana. 

 Now it's your turn...what do your favorite cards say about you?


City Wiccan said...

I don't know about my favourite . . . I do like the High Priestess because I like what she represents in terms of female knowledge and strength. I recently bought the Feng Shui Tarot deck because I like that the Death card was changed to Transformation . . . and I love the Asian imagery.

Since you were talking about Major Arcana cards . . . have you ever done a reading where you got all Major Arcana cards? I did one for my partner and it turned out that way. Felt like the universe was screaming at him to make some changes. It was wild! (and yes, the deck was shuffled well :)

Janet Boyer said...

Hi Liz!

Glad you liked the blog post; it IS intriguing to ponder what our chosen "looked for" cards might say about us.

For me, though, I think the cards I look for speak more about what I WANT out of a deck: truth.

I usually look for The Moon, too, as well as The Hermit, Death, The Tower, 5 of Pentacles and the 7 of Cups.

These cards share some elements, including hardship, opportunity for empowerment/illumination, transformation, aloneness and plumbing the unknown. Because these themes are important to me on my journey of self-awareness, I want to make sure that a deck creator/artist makes image that resonate. :o)