Sep 21, 2010

Deck Review- The Transparent Oracle

There's a wonderful new oracle deck out right now, called The Transparent Oracle by Emily Carding, who is also the creator of The Transparent Tarot and Tarot of the Sidhe. Her latest creation, The Transparent Oracle is nothing less than fantastic.

The Transparent Oracle deck has seventy transparent circles, that can be used as a layered system by themselves or in conjunction with The Transparent Tarot. I absolutely love the layering concept because it gives your readings so much depth and combination possibilities and depending on if you choose three cards or more, you can see all the images and how they mesh together to develop an aesthetically pleasing mandala like picture. This kit also comes in a sturdy storage box and white reading cloth.

This outstanding deck is separated and inspired by seven directions, East; West; South and North as well as the directions of Above; Below and Within and the accompanying one hundred and twenty-eight page book explains that in order to understand the seven directions, it is helpful to consider yourself the center of your universe as you perceive it. The four directions North; South; East and West all correspond to the elements depending on where in this world we are at and the directions of Above; Below and Within are all the same no matter where we are all located.

When I first got The Transparent Oracle, I was a bit daunted by the thought of a round deck and just how I might shuffle it but with a little thought and a few tries, I was able to gently shuffle them just as I would any rectangular deck with no further issues. I absolutely love this deck and all the possibilities for interpretations it holds as well as it's unique shape and wonderful images.

After shuffling the deck well, with the question in mind about the grayer days of fall and winter ahead, I wanted to know how I might transition more smoothly, I drew three cards... (number 22) Rain which is from the direction West, (number 60) the Red Dragon from the direction Below and (number 26), the Otters, also from the direction West. 

The Rain card can represent melancholy and dissatisfaction... generally emotions that can easily set in in a climate like mine, known for the rain that keeps Washington state so green, the Red Dragon is about inner power and drive and the otters signify joy, family and play.

Pulling these cards together I saw a beautiful three layered picture about the fact that days are going to be getting much shorter with lots of good old Pacific Northwest rain, the need to dig down to my inner strength on the dreary days... knowing that in the Spring, the sun shall return and by adopting a playful attitude, enjoying my family and our time together like the otters, I will be able to combat my seasonal blah's. 

This is an amazing deck and I was absolutely struck by the cards accurate yet uncanny ability to see right to the issues I find myself mulling over now that the rain has begun and the days of warm summer sunshine are waning. This is an excellent deck for personal meditation, exploration and understanding and I highly recommend it to anyone, whether beginner or experienced!

The Transparent Oracle
Schiffer Books
ISBN: 9780764334863
Size: 6" x 11 3/4" x 1 1/2"

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