Sep 2, 2010

Deck Review- Spirit Of The Wheel Meditation Deck

Before I get into my review of this deck, I'd like to talk a bit about the Medicine Wheel. It's a fabulous part of the Native American cultures and an integral part of the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck so
I'm going to talk about  just what Medicine Wheels are and how they relate to this deck.
In Native American beliefs, the Medicine Wheel represents harmony and connections and is considered a major symbol of peaceful interaction among all living beings on Earth. It is is a physical manifestation of spiritual energy.... An outward expression of an internal dialog.... A mirror in which can be seen what is going on within. It is a wheel of protection enables and allows it's peoples to gather surrounding energies into a focal point and to commune with Spirit, Self and Nature.

Native American's believe that we are all connected to one another and by showing the intricacies of the interwoven threads of life, it helps us to understand that without each person in the tapestry, the "Bigger Picture" is not as it should be. Everyone adds colour, dimension and life to each other and to all of life, no matter what colour, race or creed, everyone is needed to create a beautiful existence and expression of the Whole. This is what the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation deck draws from and it is a truly amazing deck.

The Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck is a 40 card deck that comers with a beautifully written LWB (little white book) and absolutely gorgeous artwork. The Creator is Linda Ewashina and the illustrator is Jody Bergsma. Linda had been studying the Medicine Wheel for a few years and was familiar with Jody Bergsma's artistry and it seemed to mirror the spiritual development in her own life so she dropped Jody a line one day and the result was the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck that we can now enjoy.

The cards are slightly larger than average tarot or oracle decks at 3.375" x 4.75" but can easily be shuffled by those with small hands like myself. They have a glossy lamination but it in no way detracts from their beauty because the images are truly breathtaking. After shuffling and handling them over a few days I noticed that they weren't as slippery as some decks with more lamination are and was pleasantly surprised.

A few of the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck cards are Mother Earth, Father Sky, Grandmother Moon and clan cards of Turtle, representing  the element of Earth; Frog, representing the element of Water; Thunderbird, representing Fire and Butterfly, representing Air. The rest of the deck is just as unique and beautiful, some representing the four directions which is the outer basis of the Wheel, and others like the spokes on a bicycle tire, the "moonstones"  in which show  minerals, plants and animals.

There are several spreads in the LWB that show different ways that you can use this deck such as the Blooming Flower Spread or the Sacred Pipe spread just to name two or you can draw one card a day to meditate upon (a large Medicine Wheel spreadsheet is  included.) How ever you wish to incorporate these cards into your daily spiritual practice, this is truly an amazing deck of both wonderful art and spiritual guidance, I give the Spirit of the Wheel Meditation Deck Lizzie's Logic seal of approval!

Images used with permission from US Games Systems

US Games Systems
ISBN: 1-57281-545-0
Author: Linda Ewashina
Artist: Jody Bergsma


Lisa said...

Those are really gorgeous!

Eliza said...

That deck look beautiful.

Rue said...

I'm so glad you reviewed this deck. I have sold a few of these, but have never seen the deck open - so it's been great to see the images!

Jacquie Freeman said...

Do you know where I can purchase the guidance book that goes with this set? I've lost mine that came with it.

Liz Christy said...

I think if you go to US Games website, they may have a downloadable pdf of the little white book