Sep 12, 2010

Serenity Sunday

An affirmation is a spoken or thought phrase that harmonises your energy field and thus evokes feelings of well being.

This really is the idea, you repeat a phrase that you find uplifting repeatedly until the reality of that statement becomes grounded in your physical world.

An affirmations job is to evoke positive feelings in you, to uplift you, or shift you into a more positive and hopeful state of being at which point the Law Of Attraction (Like attracts like) sets to work mirroring, affirming and confirming that you are indeed absolutely right to feel so hopeful and optimistic.

The key is choosing the right affirmations for you, ones that really evoke feelings of well being and thus “work”.

Breathe, relax, pause and gently ask inwardly for the optimum affirmation to become conscious for you…

~ “I am safe”
~ “Opportunities are everywhere, something will turn up”
~ “Every problem is an opportunity for growth and evolution”
~ “Lots of people have overcome similar problems, so will I”
~ “I am focused solely upon solutions to my problems”
~ “I am fully supported in finding solutions to all my problems”
~ “In time I will look back at this and laugh” etc…

Only you really know what works for you its just a case of trying different affirmations until you begin to feel more optimistic. Trust yourself. Then after awhile try new ones that may bring even greater feelings of hope and well being. Stick with it, keep practising shifting yourself into feelings of well being make it a habit, why settle for less?

My List:

1.) My family

2.) Great friends

3.) Changing of the season

4.) Laughter

5.) Mulled wine

6.) Rose petals in a basket

7.) Hot baths

8.) Good music

9.) Movie night

10.) Tarot cards

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