Feb 25, 2011

Book Review- The Ghost Hunter's Survival Guide

Ghost hunting is quite a popular past time in recent years, with shows such as Sci-Fi's Ghost Hunters, A&E Television's Paranormal State and a myriad of other such themed shows that showcase the unseen and it's pursuit. What is it about these shows that has captured our attention? Each week we tune in faithfully to see the latest ghost hunting adventure, poised on the edge of our seats to see this evidence for ourselves but what of those hunting these unseen spirits? How does one exactly go about hunting the paranormal and what exactly happens when one encounters these shadowy figures? What do we do when we feel that our home is haunted or there is a spirit among us?

In Michelle Belanger's book The Ghost Hunter's Survival Guide, she addresses those that embark upon this pursuit and how working with the paranormal comes with it's own set of concerns and questions of exactly what can be done when encountering a spirit or energy. The paranormal and it's pursuit is relatively new and therefore still developing and each group has it's own investigative methods and procedures from the time they go into an investigation to the final wrap up  but what about safety precautions when working with the unseen, can they really harm us or is it all the stuff of Hollywood?

In her book, Michelle discusses several methods of self protection from grounding and centering, shielding and views on psychic self defense that can better arm us for forays into the spirit world. Grounding and centering is one of the most important things that we can do for ourselves when we work with spirit energies and gives us a firm foundation when encountering these situations and helps us remain calm and centered during our quest.  

One technique that Michell discusses is to begin by taking three deep, cleansing breaths, imagining in your mind that as you inhale you are taking in pure white energy and expelling unwanted or stressful energy as you exhale. See, in your minds eye, roots extending from your feet deep into the earth and feel it's energy flowing into you, next feel your energy extending far up into the sky as you connect with the heavens and feel it flowing down into you.

Feeling that a part of you is connected deep within the earth and far into the heavens, imagine this energy is collecting within you, just below your ribcage...allow this energy to build and expand until it surrounds you in a loving, healing bubble all the way around, above and below...this part is called shielding and is an important part when conducting any paranormal investigation or simple trying to make contact with spiritual energy.

It is important to note that these teqniques can also be adapted to suit our beliefs and tailored to our own personal use. I have found this an exciting, helpful and downright useful book since I use my tarot cards to connect with the other side and being informed and spiritually armed is always useful information when contacting spiritual energy in this manner. You don't have to be a ghost hunter to benefit from it's wealth of information and practical examples to pick this book up and read it, it applies to anyone that comes in contact with or plans to come in contact with the spirit world, whether it be a Ouija board, seance or the Tarot, like myself.

In later chapters Michelle discusses different types of spirit energy from human spirits to that of non human energy and what do do when attempting to contact, cleanse of otherwise work with this energy. Included among Michelle's narration are segments titled "Beyond Belief" and "Skeptic's Corner" that discuss different religious beliefs as well as how a skeptic might view the information presented. This book goes through many ways to cleanse and protect your personal space as well as that of your home and property. 

This is an excellent book and covers all types of situations and spiritual beliefs whether you are Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, Pagan or even don"t consider yourself as very religious at all. The Ghost Hunter's Survival Guide is an essential book for anyone considering working with the paranormal or just dealing with spirits in general, there is so much information that I've only just touched upon a small part of it. I highly recommend this book.

Publisher: Llewellyn Publications
Author: Michelle Belanger
Language: English
ISBN-10: 073871870X

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