Feb 3, 2011

Review- The Tarot Game

There's a brilliant game out now called The Tarot Game by Jude Alexander, a professional reader, life coach and teacher of intuitive card reading, published by Schiffer Books. This game is absolutely fabulous and teaches a creative approach to learning the tarot and is a wonderful way to practice your skills whether you're a beginner, enthusiast or adept.

The Tarot Game comes with a colorful, sturdy game board, blessing coins, dice, colorful stones for game pieces and cards that come with instructions like "use your five senses to describe the imagery"  "test your psychic ability" or perform a certain action or activity. There is also wonderfully detailed instructions on how to set up the game, game play and lots of helpful hints to help you enjoy and get the most from the game. It is geared for three to nine players but can be played alone as a  fantastic meditation tool.

The rules take a little time to read and remember but once you start playing, it becomes a breeze. You start out by rolling one die and move the number of spaces indicated. You continue rolling one die until you land on a Major Arcana card and after that you can choose to use one or more dice as desired. When you land on a Major Arcana pull out a card from the stack of Major Arcana cards that matches the space that you have landed on. 

You then take a moment to take in the imagery on that particular card, stating a number from 1 to 5, the player on your right finds the corresponding number on the Major Arcana sheet and asks a question according to the number you chose. You then answer the question with as detailed of a response as you can give and write down the Archetype on your reading sheet. Returning the tarot card to it's stack and continue play. If you land on a spiral, star or question mark, you choose a card from the pile with the same symbol and read it aloud doing as it instructs. You can give the blessing coins to other players, showing your appreciation and gratitude.

If you land on the infinity space  you can use this time to do as you wish, discus an insight made during the game, grab a snack or simply stand up and stretch, the choice is completely up to you! There are also instructions on variations in playing the game and how to have fantastic Tarot Game parties! I was so exited to get this game and instantly played it with my youngest two children and was so surprised at their insights and enthusiasm that we all laughed and thoroughly enjoyed our evening. There's so much more to this game than I even mentioned, but it would take several pages to explain how fun this game is and I don't want to give away all the really cool activities. This is a must have game that everyone will love and enjoy!

The Tarot Game
Publisher: Schiffer Books
Creator: Jude Alexander
ISBN: 9780764334481

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judealexander13 said...

I am so thrilled that you and your family enjoyed the game! More and more we are hearing that children are taking to the game and sharing their thoughts.

I welcome more game stories at my website or face book page.

Thank you Lizzie. Play On! ~ Jude