Feb 7, 2011

Deck Review- Nature's Wisdom Oracle

The Nature's Wisdom Oracle was created by Mindy Lighthipe, an avid nature enthusiast and artist who lives in New Jersey with her husband, dog and eight cats. She has received  a Silver Medal from the Royal Horticultural Society in London for her artwork depicting insects and nature and you can find her charming deck at Schiffer Books.

This amazing deck is comprised of 48 beautifully painted images that showcases different facets found in nature and are a little bigger than average sized at 2.78x 4.79 with a glossy lamination that brings nature's beauty to life. There is a fantastic 96 page LWB (little white book) that accompany's this deck and each card is listed in the front of the book in the table of contents and a sturdy hard shelled box to keep your cards in.

Nature's Wisdom Oracle is meant to help the individual find their way by learning more about nature and will help you get to your "roots" by following the path of the natural world. Each image is stunningly drawn and explained in detail in the LWB. This deck can be used as a daily meditation with one card or in a spread of two or three cards such as a past present and future reading.

The companion booklet advises a daily meditation and journaling your experiences in order to expand your ability to connect with nature. The cards themselves show an exquisitely drawn plant or animal with it's title at the top and keyword at the bottom. The cards are bordered with colors and images reflecting the main picture and the backs have a leaf and border motif.

These are absolutely beautiful cards and a wonderful way to incorporate meditation into your day. I love the images and the sheer beauty contained within. This is a great deck for anyone's collection!

Schiffer Books
Artist: Mindy Lighthipe
IBSN: 9780764335730: 

Images used with permission from Schiffer Books

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