Feb 22, 2011

Book Review- The Unicorn Whisperer

I recently had the privilege of reading a wonderful little book called The Unicorn Whisperer by Jerri Lincoln, author of  Therapeutic Riding and Bathroom Yoga  both nonfiction, this is her first fictional book based on the Seven Spiritual Principles of Success by Deepak Chopra. Jerri has been a writer and storyteller since she was a child and The Unicorn Whisperer is a wonderful story that weaves Deepak's Seven Spiritual Principles into a great tale of a princess and her magical unicorn.

The beginning of the story introduces us to the main character, Ipona, a princess who finds herself betrothed by her father, the King, to a man she neither knows nor loves, which is a very important aspect in Ipona's eyes. The King wants his daughter to marry and argues with her but at the same time  both admires and respects her rebellious nature and remembers how much in love and happy he was with Ipona's mother.

Ipona, greatly distressed at her father's wishes, turns to her Aunt for help and is advised that she must go on a "healer's journey" in which she must accomplish three tasks...to give a gift, to receive a gift and heal someone or something. Ipona gladly agrees on this journey since she would do anything to avoid marrying a man that she does not love.

Along the way she meets several people and situations that emphasize the message by Deepak Chopra and gives thoroughly enjoyable and understandable situations in which these principals are demonstrated. In this hustle and bustle world it is so easy to overlook common situations in life where we may learn or apply such teqniques and this charming little book teaches us through the art of storytelling how we might be more aware of times we can be grateful, give and receive good gifts and how they affect our lives and psyche.

This is a well written and thoughtful book that speaks to us on a conscious level about how we live our day to day lives and how we can enrich ourselves as well as the lives of those around us. I read this book to my children and they absolutely loved the story and it's characters and walked away feeling a little better about themselves and the world around them. This is a wonderful teaching tool for children and young adults.

Publisher: Ralston Store Publishing 
Author: Jerri Lincoln
ISBN-10: 0982258593

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Fire Lyte said...

Books like this makes me want a little boy or girl! I suppose I'll just have to settle for reading stories to my cat and dog.

I cannot tell you how much I enjoy your blog!