Feb 1, 2011

Tarot Tuesday- The Two Of Swords

In this card, we can see a small blindfolded white cat in a rose colored dress sitting on a bench on what appears to be a pier with an ocean (or at least a lake) behind her. Her swords are poised upwards, one in each hand and they look to be at equal distance and height from each other. In the purple sky behind her we can see a waxing crescent moon.

Looking at this little kitty I am struck by the question "Why does she sit blindfolded with the swords in her hand, when she can very easily put down her swords and remove the blindfold?" "I wonder why she sits there rather rigidly when she might not have to.." To me her face looks rather pensive as I can see no visible frown nor smile.

In studying the Two of Swords, the common interpretation is that it implies that you are faced with a decision and perhaps you are in a state of denial about the importance of your choice. Notice the blindfold on the cat...maybe she chooses to remain blind about this decision and cannot or will not look at the truth... or even acknowledge that it exists. The swords seem to indicate a barrier between herself and something (or someone) else.

The most obvious barrier that I can imagine would be a closed heart. When we cut ourselves off emotionally, we sever the connection that allows our love to flow outward and even inward for that matter. Sometimes this action is necessary but every time we close off our heart... it seems to get more difficult to open it again. This is the very nature of the question that I asked myself this afternoon regarding a matter that perplexes me as of late.

Upon reflecting on the Two of Swords, I must automatically confront the fact that perhaps something about this situation I've been ruminating on is fearful to me and from this I must move on to the next question..." Why does this frighten me so?" I most decidedly did not like the answer the little cat was trying to bring to my attention at first but I found myself realizing that this card was indeed appropriate for the situation at hand.

I simply must accept the fact that there are fears present but not to let that fear become a stalemate in which I cannot make progress in any direction. "Maybe it's okay to set aside these fears and take the chance...maybe this won't be as fearful as I had imagined..." Sometimes to make any forward movement, we must take that chance... risk that rejection... because without it, we would not encounter some of life's greatest moments or opportunities.

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