Mar 21, 2011

Deck Review- Faerie Tarot

Faeries, gnomes, mushrooms and wizards abound in this charming and bouncy little deck named the Faerie Tarot by Nathalie Hertz and published by US Games Systems. Paying homage to the four seasons and nature the Faery Tarot is a delight to behold and to work with.

This deck comes in an attractive slip cover case and nestled inside, you find a brightly colored and charming deck picturing the faeries and the nature that makes up this deck's images. An added bonus is also included, a poster sized card spreadsheet featuring a Celtic Cross spread for you to use with this deck.

Based on the RWS deck, these 78, jaunty little faeries walk us through nature using bright and attractive coloring and delightful imagery. The deck itself measures 3.5"x4.75" and is a little wider than average but I found it just as easy to shuffle as a more narrow deck. The cards themselves are wonderfully bordered in hues complimenting the image of each particular card which delicately fades out at the bottom where the names of each card are displayed.

When looking at a deck for the first time, I usually go to specific cards first such as the Star, the Hermit and the Moon but in this deck, the Chariot caught my eye right off. In this Major Arcana card we can see a small blonde faerie riding a beautiful spiral designed sea shell drawn by a blue and a green seahorse, I love the coloring of this card and I could nearly feel as if I were riding right along with this little faerie.

The Minor Arcana are just as delightful with each suit based is a season of the year. The Faerie Tarot starts out with the suit of Swords and the season of Winter followed by Wands featuring the season of Autumn, the Cups bearing a Spring theme and last but not least Pentacles showing Summer imagery.

This is a great deck to work with and the colors are what makes it a very enchanting deck for me. I found it quite easy to read with and it has it's very own way of speaking. I would recommend this deck for beginners and seasoned readers alike who want a fresh new perspective and a little faerie inspiration when reading the cards. 

Publisher: US Games Systems
Creator: Nathalie Hertz
ISBN: 1-57281-600-7

Images used with permission of US Games Systems

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