Mar 2, 2011

Snow Drops

Snowdrops were traditionally thought of as fairy spirits. Thus, they are perfect omens of the future, especially as they bloom with the new year. When snowdrops appear try this ritual.

Place a single snowdrop in a glass vase beside your bed. Gaze at its petals amd remain silent until u sleep. Ask to dream of your future love.

* if u dream of picking snowdrops, u will have a very happy year, and a wonderful surprise in love.
* if u dream of smelling a snowdrop, u must grab hold of an opportunity that is already before u.
* to dream of a basket of snowdrops means a wedding approaches; a posy of snowdrops indicates a birth.
* if u see snowdrops in a circlet, this means u will have a new love.
* dreaming of the flowers growing under a tree says your spirit is blessed and your love will blossom.

1 comment:

VintageSage said...

I've never even heard of this beautiful, delicate flower! I'm going to have to search them out. I wonder if I can grow them on my little garden deck. :) Thank you for the spell.