Mar 7, 2011

Deck Review- Sol Invictus, The God Tarot

With the rise of Goddess and feminist themed decks in recent years, decks that honored the Divine Masculine were noticeable absent. Sol Invictus, The God Tarot is not solely aimed at men who wish to explore the Divine Masculine but for anyone who wishes to bring some balance into their lives and to have an option.

Developed by Kim Huggens and Nic Phillips,  The God Tarot tries to provide a balance in the Tarot world left by the large number of Goddess Tarot decks and has succeeded in producing a deck not to simply make a statement but to be a useful divinitory tool as well. The Gods and characters in this deck have been drawn from a huge range of sources the world over, from both legend and real life such as Sir Galahad, traditionally the Chariot, Loki, the Moon, Isis and Osiris, the Lovers, Oedipus, the Wheel of Fortune and even Jesus of Nazareth as the Hierophant.

This deck contains the 22 Major Arcana and 56 fully illustrated Minor arcana cards but the Court cards are titled a bit different in the fact that the gender we normally see with the courts has been removed for example, in the Queen of Cups the title "Nurturer of Cups" is used to convey the the message of the card. Women are still evident in the deck but are not the main focus.

The Major Arcana cards list the name of the card, for example 0 the Fool, and also the name of the character each card is modeled after, in the case of the Fool, Percivale is listed. The Minor Arcana are structured much in the same way with the exception of the Courts that I've described earlier. Sol Invictus comes with a wonderful 264 page companion book that covers the creation process of this deck, explains about myth and why we need it in our lives and the structure of the deck. It's a terrific resource when reading with this deck and explains each card, the God that it portrays and the divinitory meanings.

Also covered in the book is "Using the Tarot,"  which covers the basics for beginners like reading books, practice and methods, "How to read Tarot," covering reading the meaning from the book, using your intuition and how to combine both aspects.  Freewill and fate when concerning the Tarot are discussed as well as how to use The God Tarot in ritual. I especially found the section titled "Astral Pathworking" quite interesting and informative.

The cards are good and sturdy, shuffling well and have a nice glossy lamination. There is a red sun design on the backs so they can be read both upright and reversed. I really like the sturdy box that the cards and  companion book come in, it makes it easy and great for storing them. This is a great deck to read with and I very much enjoyed reading about all the characters and their myth and legend used in this deck, this would be a good deck for anyone to add to their collection.

Publisher: Schiffer Books
Authors: Kim Huggens and Nic Phillips
ISBN: 9780764327612

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