Mar 6, 2011

Serenity Sunday

In earlier times, farmers would often haul stones from ancient circles and build their homes from them, as they held special significance being from those sites. Later, houses were built upon the cornerstone principle in which it was significant because all other stones or bricks were then set in reference to the cornerstone.

Over time, the cornerstone became part of a symbolic celebratory process and placed in  prominent outside corners of  buildings, almost like a cultural representation of the peoples that designed and built them. Some cornerstones included time-capsules that represented the era that a particular building was erected or items specific to the town or city that it was built in, so that future generations can look at these items and ponder on them.

What is the cornerstone that makes up your spirituality...? What is included in the foundation, in which you set all of your beliefs around...? Are there any specific traditions that you include in your beliefs, that you pass on to your children (like a time-capsule for the future)...? Meditating on these things helps to focus ourselves in our daily practices and ground ourselves in the important aspects of our beliefs and why we hold them dear.

My List:

1.) My kids

2.) Laughter

3.) Good friends

4.) Sunny days

5.) Red Rooibos tea

6.) Honey roasted peanuts

7.) Jasmine flowers

8.) Chocolate cake

9.) Mylar balloons

10.) Fried oysters

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