Jul 14, 2009

Tarot Tuesday

The age old expression "You reap what you sow..." is especially acurate when Nemesis appears in a reading. When I look at this card, karma often comes to mind as to how I may have arrived at the present situation. Choices always lead to either positive or negative results and keeping in mind enjoying positive results depends on wise choices... and is always an incentive.

When we find ourselves in a less desireable situation, it is also a wise not to react negatively or even fly off the handle since every action does indeed come back to us. The three-fold law reminds us that what we think, say or act upon does reflect back to us and I like to ponder what my intent or action might be reflecting back on me.

People all have the choice of free will and it is not my decision to make about what is in the best interests of others, no more than I like it if someone decides for me. We need to remember that balance and fairness is not our responsibility but that of the god or goddess, it would be terribly arrogant to assume that the universal mind needs any sort of assistance from little 'ole me

The Enchanted Oracle
Jessica Galbreth

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