Jul 2, 2009

Anxiety Show Thy Face (part deux)

Last week I blogged about the second position in the "Star of Discover" and my card was The World. Today, I wanted to continue in my journaling about this card and maybe add a few things mainly for my benefit but if it happens to be beneficial to others as well, that's great too.

The main subject I wanted to bring up about the Shadow Qualities of The World... is fear of restriction. I struggle a great deal with this issue...it's always been my motto that "Ask and I will be more that happy to acquiesce but if you tell me what to do I will dig in my heels and maybe do the complete opposite....because I can."

After thinking about this quality I thought to myself, what a terrible philosophy to have actually... A little cooperation goes a long way and I'm quite aware of this so why would I hang on to such a belligerent attitude? I think it all boils down to the idea that if I cannot control my world completely, then I have no control at all and without control firmly in my hands the anxiety is absolutely overwhelming. Whew.... That's a scary revelation!

There are, however, some Shadow Gifts that The World offers as well....rather that seeing where I have negative issues right now, I must realize that gifts can come out of this anxiety issue as well. I can see it as one cycle in my life ending and another more positive one beginning...within myself there is solid ground...I am a whole person, maybe not perfect but complete none the less... I can realize my goals and I can wear the world as a loose garment rather than letting life happen to me while I'm making other plans.

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Debra She Who Seeks said...

I love your image of wearing the world as a loose garment. May it rest lightly on your shoulders and encompass you in graceful folds!