Nov 18, 2010

Cool New Finds

I love finding cool new things and recently I found the neatest handmade Card of the Day (CoD) wooden card holder for my daily tarot card draws from Alaska Laser Maid on Etsy. 
Not only is it terrific for tarot cards but it's a great little card stand for small prints, note cards and photos. It's made from lacquered wood with carved scroll work work on the sides. It is 3 1/2 inches wide, a little over 4 inches tall, and about 2 1/2 inches deep. I ordered the cedar stand with ivy scroll work and I've got to tell you it's absolutely gorgeous!

Deborah also creates handmade Red Cedar boxes and much more made of Western Red and Yellow cedar, salvaged from the Tongass National Forest on Prince of Wales Island in Southeast Alaska. Each wood product has been planed, sanded, lacquered, designed and produced by her. Deborah's motto is, "Your inspirations are the seeds for my creations."

Her work is beautiful and you can just see the care and attention to detail that she puts into each and every creation, and while you're perusing her products, make sure you check out her fabulous handmade rune and I-Ching sets, they are really something to see, so stop by her shop and tell her "Lizzie's Logic" sent you!

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