Nov 4, 2010

Lost Item Spell

Spell for locating a lost item

Cast a circle and sit in the middle of it. Visualize yourself on a great map where you are the compass needle.
Close your eyes and allow your vision (inner vision) to go in all directions.
Clearly visualize what you have lost
Try to remember the last time you had it in your possession
Allow your vision to point your inner compass in a direction and when you feel a heat or hot sensation your needle should stop

Look for your item in that direction and chant:

"North and South
East and West
Find the source
of my unrest
Help me find
what I have lost
A value
that defies its cost
Return to me
that which I need
As I will
so mote it be"

1 comment:

Witchy Godmother said...

I am going to try this later today. Our kettle top handle disappeared between the night and morning and we don't know where it went. - hugs and sparkles. - WG