Nov 2, 2010

Deck Review- The Hezicos Tarot

Not nearly enough is said about self published decks, many are real jewels and recently I had the great honor of reviewing one one such jewel from Mary Griffin called The Hezicos Tarot. This deck first caught my eye while on a social website for tarot lovers and I just couldn't get the cards and their characters out of my mind until I finally sent an email asking if I may review them for my blog.

Mary is such a wonderful lady and graciously agreed to let me do a review and also ask a few questions too which really made my day, so without further ado...I present to you my interview with Mary Griffin and her wonderful Hezicos Tarot deck review!

My first question is about your inspiration, I read somewhere that the Hezicos people were from your childhood, can you tell me a little about that?

You stated that The Hezicos cards were from my childhood, not quite true...The name Hezicos was a place I created as a child in the garden at home, had some great games with my brother and sisters was a forbidden planet. The cards were not created then but when they did see the light of day, all the people in the cards live in Hezicos. I had the name Hezicos made into a trademark now as its so unusual.

I absolutely LOVE the court cards with just the heads of each royal, what made you decide to do just head shots of the court cards?

The reason I chose to paint head shots is I used to get so frustrated at all the decks I purchased where the Court Cards were always dressed in medieval costumes and pretty much doing the same and looking the same as any other Court Card, so I wanted to focus only on their faces, not their costumes but the energy from their eyes.

I also like the fact that the cards are borderless, is there any specific reason that you chose to go without borders?

Simple answer here, I just prefer borderless cards, can't stand those decks with five or six different languages in the corners of each of the cards. Just my preference.

Being a clairvoyant, does that give a better insight into readings with clients or do you let the cards themselves do the talking?

Your last question was really interesting. I obviously use my deck now for my one to one readings as each time I lay down a card from the Hezicos something in it will remind me of how long it took to paint! I use my cards to connect to the guides surrounding my Client and once that connection is made I cant stop talking. My cards are a bridge that allows me to connect and I feel very privileged to be able to do that.

Hezicos Review

The first thing I want to talk about when reviewing these charming cards is their packaging, the Hezicos Tarot comes in a beautiful, hard shelled box which is drawn to appear as if wrapped in brown paper packaging and tied with twine. As I marveled at was how unique the box is, I noticed a couple of lady bugs and two mischievous little fairies... one leaping across the wrapper with a little yellow flower and the other appearing as if escaping from within from a small tear in the package, this alone told me that inside were some very special cards indeed!

Upon taking the lid off the box and removing the cellophane wrapping, I began to look through the 78 cards of the Hezicos deck with great, they are gorgeous I thought! One by one I thumbed through the Major Arcana featuring human characters, each one closely following the RWS in meaning, Strength being numbered 8 and Justice numbered 11 as in most decks, which I find easier than some decks that have the positions reversed.

The Minor Arcana are really something special...each card portrays a little Hezicos character or family, depending on the card, that totally captures the heart as well as imagination in an instant. These are wonderful cards to tell a story with as they vividly speak with whimsical and somewhat cheeky, yet totally honest, answers to the questions posed. I absolutely love the suit of Rods, each Rod has the most wonderful expression on their faces!

 The Court Cards are equally pleasing with simply a head picture of each Page, Knight, Queen and King. I actually prefer this type of view as opposed to the traditional picturing of the royals in various activities or poses. It's easier to recognize when learning and it sets them a bit apart... as royals love to be a bit more distinguished than the rest of the cards.

The card stock is excellent and shuffles like magic in my hands and has a fantastic matte like finish. They're slightly bigger, but not by much, than the typical tarot decks but I find this to be a plus, I like to feel like I have a deck of substance in my hands and the Hezicos Tarot is by far the most inspirational deck I've come across in a long time, I just cannot recommend getting this utterly fabulous deck enough! I think it would make a fabulous deck for the experienced and beginner alike.

Every card shows the time, love and fantastic artistry that Mary put into her Hezicos deck and it will most certainly speak to you in a most charming and unique way. I highly recommend this deck for your collection!

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Hamingja said...

I love this review and so happy that I could find this deck through here. It was also a fantastic interview! Thank you for you both providing this!