Dec 7, 2010

Deck Review- Tarot of a Moon Garden

"Welcome to a Realm Where Myth and Magic are the Reality." states the inspiration for this weeks deck... Introducing Tarot of a Moon Garden. This imaginative deck weaves traditional images with mythic expression and elemental magic into a 78 card deck full of inspiration and insight.

Beautifully illustrated by Karen Marie Sweikhardt this whimsical, full-color deck depicts an enchanted garden with exotic flowers, castles, and hot air ballons. The first thing that grabbed my attention was the colors and dreamlike images and it was a real pleasure to work with. The card stock is terrific and shuffles very easily and the image on the backs are not only reversible but intricate and pleasing to the eye.
The Major Arcana are stunning to look, at depicting fairies, dragons, butterflies and unicorns and even the moon herself makes an appearance in several of the cards. The Minor Arcana have dragonflies for the hilts of the Swords suit, mystical trees in the Staffs suit, there are butterflies, ferns and other foliage in the Cups suit and the Pentacles suit with it's large pentacle orbs floating across it's images. These are a delight to look at and definately a joy to work with and makes a terrific deck for both beginner and experienced alike.

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Barbara said...

I have this deck and I love it.