Dec 22, 2010

The Five Of Swords

The five of swords suggests some form of dispute has just taken place, or is about to occur. Someone will come out of this feeling very victorious and the person for whom this card has been chosen must tread with care if they don't want to be the loser. It will take a lot of hard work and patient effort to settle current disputes. Equally, there is evidence of possible enemies or treachery. So they should prepare themselves for a rocky ride ahead and watch their back.

When the five of swords appears in a spread, the querent should never relax their guard. Otherwise just when they think they've got 'everything in the bag' something will happen to spoil it all. On the plus side, this card helps them to acknowledge how far they can go. They'll know their limit and they'll be willing to admit when they've reached it.

Also, it's recommended that they pay attention to their physical health. Life will not be easy for them at the moment and they could tend to disregard their health and general well-being. It is however important, that they should make the effort to remain fit and robust. They should eat little and often, exercise daily and take time to relax as well.

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