Dec 28, 2010

Fear Not The Devil

This is one of three cards in the tarot deck that have a tendency to strike fear in the hearts of those who's reading it turns up in...The Devil. This card, despite the depiction, is really not all that scary if you know a little bit more about it.

The Devil in the tarot deck has little or nothing to do with the frightening winged skeletal creature, in fact, this card is all about bondage...bondage to outmoded ideas that are no longer useful...bondage as in addictions....bondage to our weaknesses and bondage that comes from letting our boundaries be crossed without respect.

When I look at the two little figures that are chained to the pillar, one can only notice that if these little animals really wanted to, they could quite easily slip from the chains that hold them. Why do they it out of it out of fear....? Change is a life altering event but if we continue to sit in fear and remain chained to the old ways, what a sad lonely life lies ahead of us.

It takes greater courage to shed our fears and take bold new steps to improving our situation and our outlook on the world because if we can change our own world, what's to stop us from enacting that change in the world around us? Try something positive and new today and see how it affects the world around you.

Tarot of the Magical Forest

Next week...The Tower


Witchy Godmother said...

What an interesting card. What deck is that from? In my Tarot tales, I, too, had to explain to Rufus that this was not a card to fear. Thank you for your insight. Hugs and sparkles - WG

Auroran Lauriel said...

An excellent post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this card. I'm relatively new to tarot and while I continue to read about each cards meaning, It's very helpful to learn how those experienced with the tarot interpret the cards.