Dec 16, 2010

Forest Blessings Incense

 Forest Blessings Incense


1 part flat cedar (dried)
1 part Juniper berries (dried)
1 part pine needles (dreid)
Parchment stars
"star" hole puncher
1 piece of Parchment paper.
"Yule" oil or other blessing or protection oil.
Big wooden mixing bowl


Using a mortar and pestle, pound and release aromas of each herb, separately.
( this means do not over grind, just till you can smell the herb, your done)

Add all three pounded herbs to your bowl.
Next with a "Star" hole punch (these come in flowers, crosses, angels. use what YOU like)
Punch out "Parchment stars" out of your Parchment paper.
Next, Dip toothpick into "Yule" oil (or other oil thats special to you. It should be a protection or cleansing oil and preferably made by you.)
Dab a small drop of oil onto each "Parchment" star.
When done with all "Stars" add to bowl with other herbs.
Visualizing protection and cleansing in your home;

"Cedar, Juniper and Pine,
Bring protection to me and mine.
Stars of paper, herbs and oil
Cleansing now as I toil.
By the Law of three,
So mote it be.."

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